Woman Crush Wednesday: Isabella Rossellini

wcw1My Woman Crush Wednesday is on Isabella Rossellini.  I’ll admit, at first my crush on her was purely superficial.  First, I love her name.  I’m not having kids, but if I did, they’d have some name like Cecilia or Isabella Rossellini Ponder.  I love names dripping with sophistication and overly dramatic.  I find her to be one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen.  Since seeing her in Blue Velvet, I found her to be fascinating, mysterious, and stunning.  I have followed her over the years mostly because of an interest in her style.  Simply put, I like what she wears and how she carries herself.  She has an easy elegance.  I listened to this episode on You Must Remember This last night, and I found myself crushing on her even more! She has spent her career fighting against the notion that aging women aren’t beautiful, and that if you’re over the age of 30 in Hollywood, you should be shoved to the side.  She had been representing Lancôme for years (she was their first face), when they ended her contract due to her age.  She fought back and formed her own cosmetics company with people wearing braces, a variety of ages, and in essence, more real.  She was truly  ahead of her time, and in March of 2016,  Lancôme finally caught up and asked her back to represent their brand.  Lucky for all of us, she agreed.  I look forward to seeing her and reading her interviews in publications.  I find her brains to be even more interesting than her beauty, and I’m glad to have someone that insists you can still be elegant, sexy, and stunning in her 60s.  wcw3

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Tilda Swinton

Tilda SwintonMy Woman Crush Wednesday for today is Tilda Swinton.  Swinton is one of my favorite actresses.  She has an incredible depth of talent, and I respect the choices she makes in films.  She is also a fashion icon of mine.  I searched for photos of her to share on this post, and I truly could’ve shared every single one.  I spared you, but I think everything about her–her hair, the androgyny, and her mind is captivating.  She takes incredible risks in fashion and in film, and I’ve never seen it not work for her.  I think it kinda seems like Tilda is an alien who arrived here on Earth, gracing us all with her presence.  Boy, does she have presence. Continue reading Woman Crush Wednesday: Tilda Swinton

Woman Crush Wednesday: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton (3)
Who else could be my Woman Crush Wednesday after such a historic day for all women except Hillary Clinton?  I have long been a fan and supporter of Hillary, and I voted for her in 2008 when she ran against President Obama in the primary.

People seem to love to hate Hillary, and the venom and vitriol that is lobbed her way makes me uncomfortable. It is a reflection of the misogyny that still exists in our country, and frankly, it scares me.  I admire her inner strength in handling such constant criticism with humor and grace.

I personally find Hillary to be the most experienced candidate, and while I agree with many of Bernie’s ideas, I don’t think it’s as easy as he believes to accomplish the level of change he has promised supporters.  As a child of someone who has worked in administration (at a university level), I have seen how much work goes into actually accomplishing change in a bureaucracy.  It takes a ton of work and pushing and pushing to gain a millimeter.  I’m a dreamer as much as the next liberal, but I think it’s important to be realistic when confronting the work involved.  I think she has a greater grasp on what can be done and how to get there.  Do I think it’s necessarily right that’s how it goes?  No, but I think it’s the reality of D.C. and the world we live in today.

Like all good Democrats, I put a Bill Clinton ornament at the top of my Christmas Tree every year in lieu of a star (I’m actually registered Independent, but I just can’t see myself ever voting Republican).  I can only hope someday soon, Bill will be moved down just a little to make way for an ornament with Hillary.  4198632644_c50a90c180_o

*Side note, if you’re looking for an argument on social media, you won’t get it from me so don’t waste your time posting.  We all have different opinions, and you rallying on here probably isn’t going to change mine just as I’m sure this post hasn’t changed your’s.

Woman Crush Wednesday: The Women of the Enterprise

I dig this shirt from Strange Women Society. I'm really enjoying everything they do over there, actually.
I dig this shirt from Strange Women Society. I’m really enjoying everything they do over there, actually.  Click the photo to visit their site.

I thought yesterday would be my last post before this weekend because we’re taking a mini road trip back to Oxford, but I decided Wednesdays are going to be for doing Woman Crush Wednesday posts.  Why?  Because women are amazing, and I can’t support my fellow ladies enough.  It also helps me post regularly over here if I’ve got a routine I’ve found.  I may change it up eventually, but for now, it works.

My inaugural Woman Crush Wednesday will actually be a group of ladies, and they are the babes of Star Trek:  The Original Series.  I’ve been binge watching it in the evenings lately, and the women of the Enterprise are a force to be reckoned with.  Most importantly, they are brainy ladies kicking ass and taking names on the ship.  From being psychiatrists (Dr. Helen Noel) to communications officers (Lieutenant Uhura), women are doing it all in 2260 in space.

Even though they are super busy assisting with running the Enterprise, these ladies also manage to hold it down being the most fashionable babes in the galaxy.  They have big beehives, great earrings, and fab makeup.  What can’t these women do?!  Some of my favorites are pictured below.

Click the photo to be taken to the source. Lieutenant Uhura is one of my favorites.
Click the photo to be taken to the source. Lieutenant Uhura is one of my favorites.
That basket weave beehive is the best.
That basket weave beehive on Yeoman Rand is the best.


Sure she becomes a murder, but she dupes the captain on her way to crazy. Who can blame him when she's waltzing around in this blue fur number?
Sure she becomes a murderer, but Lenore dupes the captain on her way to crazy. Who can blame him when she’s waltzing around in this blue fur number?
Starfleet officer Dr. Dehner gave her life to save Captain Kirk.
Starfleet officer Dr. Dehner gave her life to save Captain Kirk.