Monday, Monday

Trying to encourage a puppy to get a lot of R&R is harden that it appears.
Trying to encourage a puppy to get a lot of R&R is harder than it appears.

Sorry it’s been so quiet over here, friends.  Many of you know that our new puppy came down with Parvo, and I was busy trying to nurse her back to health.  She’s had a rough time, but she’s finally back to normal!  We are so thankful.  I have received so many messages over the last week filled with suggestions, support, love, and prayers for little Mearl.  Truly, I was overwhelmed by the kindness.  Thank you for taking the time.    I think dogs may bring every one together!  I’ll try to get back on schedule with regular posts here now that she’s finally doing so much better. Continue reading Monday, Monday

Thankful Thursday for May 26th

Just so you know, when I start these blogs, I always in my head imagine addressing you all in a radio voice.  “Good afternoon, blog world.  It’s Thursday again, and you know what that means,” and so on and so on.  I always have to fight the urge to do that at work when I use the radio, too.  Instead of saying, “Does anybody copy?” I always have to fight not to start my own little radio show right then and there.  I don’t know what it is about the radio because I hate the sound of my own voice (especially on Snapchat), and I rarely have anything that interesting to say.  I think I just like how radio voices always remind of summer. This week has been great, but I think that’s because I’m eagerly anticipating a three day weekend, too.  So without further ado, here’s your top ten countdown of good things (say in radio voice.  It’s not really a top ten.  I don’t know how many it will be, I just was thinking in radio speak, again.)!

  • The local farmer’s market has reopened.  We went recently and wandered around.  They didn’t have all the veggies ready that I like just yet, but we did leave with two tomato plants.  They also had greyhounds to pet which made me happy.  Although I am elated to get a pug, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for hounds.  I love Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds, but my favorite are Afghan Hounds.  It’s just too much dog for our family, and in my experience, Italian Greyhounds are a little too skittish for our life with Fran and the other cats.
    Pretty veggie display at the farmer's market
    Pretty veggie display at the farmer’s market
    Greyhounds representing a winery. Is there anything better than dogs and wine, I ask you?
    Greyhounds representing a winery. Is there anything better than dogs and wine, I ask you?


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A Few Things

Hey, dudes.  I have some upcoming posts about a recent weekend getaway to Oxford, Mississippi I’ve been working on, but until those are ready (because I’m the procrastinating sort), here’s an update of me just rambling!  There are a lot of recent new things I’m digging.  One of my student employees has fostered to many time sucking addictions in my life.  I owe her for at least two of the items on my list below.

  • 60 Days In–So this is one of those “why did I let my student convince me to get hooked on this show”?  Kelly and I have breezed through all the episodes on the A&E app on our Apple TV, and now, we are watching it every Thursday.  You can watch the episodes online here.  It’s about a corrupt jail that comes up with this program that places seven civilians undercover in the jail to help determine how inmates are smuggling drugs in, etc.  It didn’t sound like my bag, but the way my student kept talking about it, I caved and it’s as good as she promised. I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s episode.  Want to make this show even better?  Watch the episode while scrolling through twitter #60DaysIn as people live tweet it.  You will laugh so hard.
  • Miitomo–This is the other addiction the student started me on which is an app on my iPhone wherein you get to make a cute character and answer questions about yourself and learn things about your friends.  You can dress them in different clothes, and the highlight of my week was when I bought little Cash Money (my Mii character) a cat suit.  Dream come true!  Yes, I’m an adult that still plays video games, but when you don’t have kids,  you get to do that sort of thing. Children are entirely overrated.  All the moneys and all the time=all mine!

    My Mii characterin a cat suit
    My Mii characterin a cat suit
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    Library Chic

    Here’s something. I love good design, but sometimes websites (particularly blogs) with the pristine white design with soft photos wear me out.  Everything looks a little too damn perfect, and these blogs make me feel so lacking.  In truth, I have spent an embarrassing amount of time reading abandoned blogs from the early 2000s.  It’s a little sad when I reach the end of them, and I wonder where the writer is now.  I so prefer the fuzzy bits of cellphone photos before they were perfect, the honesty, and the way bloggers seemed so much more real then.  Maybe it’s just me, but I really wish all blogs weren’t so uniform now.

    I haven’t been updating here as much lately, but I’ve been spending a lot of time reading which I’ve missed.  I’ve also spent a lot of time watching Frasier on Netflix so there you go.  Those are my two biggest hobbies right now.  I spend all day on a computer and the phone at work so the last things I’m sometimes interested in on the weekends is being connected.  I do like to spend a lot of time reading, getting groceries, shopping, and napping.  Continue reading Library Chic

    Belated Thankful Thursday from January 7th

    Two posts in one day? It’s unheard of, folks!  Since I finished my Christmas posts, I wanted to do one of the updates that I missed the most—my Thankful Thursday posts (errrr…a day late)!  I like these most because it allows for me to ramble as I used to in my dear old lj days (Livejournal for you young ones).  This was my first week back at work, and the students aren’t back yet so I’m most thankful I’ve been able to slowly ease back into the 8 to 5 routine.  I’m missing spending every day at home with the kitties, but until I win the Powerball, I can’t be a stay at home cat mom.  Here’s what I’m thankful for this week.— Continue reading Belated Thankful Thursday from January 7th

    Belated Thankful Thursday for October 29th

    Little Sarah celebrating Halloween!
    Little Sarah celebrating Halloween!

    Happy Halloeve, guys!  So I should probably just change these entries to “Thankful Friday” instead of “Thankful Thursday” because it seems as if I can never get this posted in time.  I know you all will all understand.  Life happens.  Plus, just like last week, Kelly and I had a date night so it couldn’t be helped.  We went to the University of Memphis to see David Sedaris do a reading.  As I mentioned over on Facebook yesterday, I was first introduced to David’s work via audio book on a road trip to New Mexico.  Kelly and I listened to three of his books on the way. I’m sure they’re great to read, too, but man was he funny doing his own reading.  He is even more delightful to see in person reading his work.  We had fifth row seats which were excellent!  If you’ve got a road trip coming up, and you haven’t discovered Sedaris, get the audio books.  You can thank me later.  So besides the amazing evening we spent yesterday laughing so hard listening to him (seriously, the entire audience laughed through the entire event), here’s the other good things and thankful moments of my week. Continue reading Belated Thankful Thursday for October 29th

    Belated Thankful Thursday for September 17th

    The Age of Medici (image above found:
    • I am probably the only nerd in the world who got so excited to watch the series The Age of Medici on Hulu. The description Hulu gives of it is a “Renaissance painting come to life,” and that truly sums it up. I am working my way through the Criterion Collection (always), and I wrongly assumed this would bore me, and I’d end up skipping it because life’s too short (I skip all the Samurai movies which I have tried and just can’t do).  How wrong I was!  If you’re a nerd with a lot of time on your hands, check out the three part series.

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