Messy Life

Beautiful colors outside recently. I'm not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the bruised berry color against the green.
Beautiful colors outside recently. I’m not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the jewel bruised berry color against the green.

So after spending hundreds of bucks at Starbucks over the year, I finally discovered yesterday downstairs at the Grill on campus, they have some kind of souped-up Nespresso machine or equivalent.  I had heard friends rave about these, but I was skeptical.  Last week, I finally tried a latte for a buck something from the machine, and it was amazing!  I mean, really really amazing.  As in, I’ll be spending way less downstairs at the Grill for my coffee all year.  Although, I may still visit Starbucks for their seasonal drinks which we all know I can’t live without.  PSL, I’m ready for you! Continue reading Messy Life

Thankful Thursday for May 26th

Just so you know, when I start these blogs, I always in my head imagine addressing you all in a radio voice.  “Good afternoon, blog world.  It’s Thursday again, and you know what that means,” and so on and so on.  I always have to fight the urge to do that at work when I use the radio, too.  Instead of saying, “Does anybody copy?” I always have to fight not to start my own little radio show right then and there.  I don’t know what it is about the radio because I hate the sound of my own voice (especially on Snapchat), and I rarely have anything that interesting to say.  I think I just like how radio voices always remind of summer. This week has been great, but I think that’s because I’m eagerly anticipating a three day weekend, too.  So without further ado, here’s your top ten countdown of good things (say in radio voice.  It’s not really a top ten.  I don’t know how many it will be, I just was thinking in radio speak, again.)!

  • The local farmer’s market has reopened.  We went recently and wandered around.  They didn’t have all the veggies ready that I like just yet, but we did leave with two tomato plants.  They also had greyhounds to pet which made me happy.  Although I am elated to get a pug, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for hounds.  I love Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds, but my favorite are Afghan Hounds.  It’s just too much dog for our family, and in my experience, Italian Greyhounds are a little too skittish for our life with Fran and the other cats.
    Pretty veggie display at the farmer's market
    Pretty veggie display at the farmer’s market
    Greyhounds representing a winery. Is there anything better than dogs and wine, I ask you?
    Greyhounds representing a winery. Is there anything better than dogs and wine, I ask you?


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Library Chic

Here’s something. I love good design, but sometimes websites (particularly blogs) with the pristine white design with soft photos wear me out.  Everything looks a little too damn perfect, and these blogs make me feel so lacking.  In truth, I have spent an embarrassing amount of time reading abandoned blogs from the early 2000s.  It’s a little sad when I reach the end of them, and I wonder where the writer is now.  I so prefer the fuzzy bits of cellphone photos before they were perfect, the honesty, and the way bloggers seemed so much more real then.  Maybe it’s just me, but I really wish all blogs weren’t so uniform now.

I haven’t been updating here as much lately, but I’ve been spending a lot of time reading which I’ve missed.  I’ve also spent a lot of time watching Frasier on Netflix so there you go.  Those are my two biggest hobbies right now.  I spend all day on a computer and the phone at work so the last things I’m sometimes interested in on the weekends is being connected.  I do like to spend a lot of time reading, getting groceries, shopping, and napping.  Continue reading Library Chic

Fever Dream

It is Tuesday evening, and I’m angry again.  Internet world, I am Susie Green.  I’m not joking. I’m biting off the end of a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread that a friend made me like an ice cream, the whole loaf in my hand. It’s vastly improving my mood, so there.  I’ve taken to telling everyone to “suck an egg” like we did in the schoolyard in the 80s.  It feels strangely rebellious, pulling back this insult from youth. It feels as powerful and defiant as when I would go in my closet when I was mad at my parents in 3rd or 4th grade and whisper curse words.   Continue reading Fever Dream

“Songs from the Edge of the World”

Oh, weekend of plenty!  What I desperately needed before the normal routine at work resumed came just in time this weekend.  Perhaps, it goes even deeper.  Perhaps, it’s what I needed in life right at this moment.  My words won’t adequately capture it all, but I’ll make a go of it for my own records anyway.

Saturday morning, and I’m waking up to my frolicsome silver cat snuggles and my bearded love wondering if I might make him breakfast. I adore weekend mornings: thick slices of quiet near the ones I care about the most.  Here we are with messy hair, side by side at the table.  Here we are with the kitties fighting or dozing nearby, depending on their moods.  Sometimes I am screaming at the top of my lungs that they are “driving me crazy” as they hiss, fight, and run laps around the house.   Other days, I am doting on them.  I whisper as Francis dozes by my breakfast plate, “You are the most handsome cat to ever live.  You are the most darling of them all.”  He ignores me no matter whether I offer criticism or praise, and I love him for it.  I make K.’s eggs first, and then for me, a baked egg in toast and a mug of coffee.  Continue reading “Songs from the Edge of the World”

National Hat Day

Apparently the internet has decreed it “National Hat Day” today so I thought I’d post.  I’m a huge fan of hats.  The internet is already flooded with articles discussing either the inherent weirdness that is found in women who wear hats or applauding them.  Fortunately, I don’t pay much heed to the naysayers.  I look to the woman in my life who has served as my fashion guru, and I see myself becoming more and more like her every day.  She makes gutsy choices, even at seventy-eight, and she understands that fashion should be fun.  My Grandmother, affectionately known as Jo Jo, is one of the most stylish women I know.

Jo Jo, Christmas 2014
Jo Jo, Christmas 2014

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Belated Thankful Thursday for October 22nd

Our second time to see the Avett Brothers live!
Our second time to see the Avett Brothers live!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope everyone enjoyed their week.  Yesterday was a little hectic so I didn’t get a chance to post my usual “Thankful Thursday” update.  Kelly and I had tickets to the Avett Brothers at the Convocation Center so we were busy with that last night. 22220587670_1be8a01b69_o

The Avett Brothers are one of my favorite bands, but I think I’m one of the only people that wasn’t overly blown away with the show in Jonesboro last night.  Our seats were good, but the sound in the Convo seemed a little off or something.  Maybe it’s where we were at in relation to the speakers.  Maybe it’s that I kept comparing last night’s show to the intimate, stripped down show at Mud Island in Memphis a few years ago that was so incredible.  Plus, I felt like some of the show just seemed a little contrived.  I dunno, that’s just my opinion.  I still love the band and their music, and even a less than perfect show by them is still pretty good.

Enough about that, here’s my good things list for the week! Continue reading Belated Thankful Thursday for October 22nd

Thankful Thursday for October 1st

Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it's to someone as fierce as you are!
Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it’s to someone as fierce as you are! We had so much fun in the homecoming photo booth earlier this week.

It’s finally October, guys.  I’m so excited!  I love all things fall, and I’m too happy to kick off this *hopefully* cool and crisp month!  It’s homecoming week on campus so it’s been pretty busy but a lot of fun, of course.  Our nephew is coming to stay at our house for the weekend, and we can’t wait to take him to his first rugby came and college football game.  Kelly and I are crossing our fingers that he has the time of his life with us this weekend.  I’m always happy when we manage to keep them alive for several days (just kidding), and they don’t think we’re boring.  “You can think we’re weirdos, but just please don’t find your uncle and I boring.”  Without further ado, here’s the good things list in my life for this Thursday.   Continue reading Thankful Thursday for October 1st

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple. I snuck a photo of her perfect shoes!
Pretty in Purple. I snuck a photo of her perfect shoes!

It is here at my husband’s eye surgeon’s office, that we generally meet the same people every Tuesday.  We have been coming for the last four months since he had a partially detached retina and had to have emergency surgery.  The doctor drives down once a week from Memphis, and he has a tiny clinic in a small mini mall next to a Psychiatrist’s Office.  I come to make sure Kelly asks the questions I want to know the answers to and to jot down notes so we both remember.  I come to make sure my husband is taken care of to my standards.  I may not cook for him, but I am severe when it comes to “in sickness and in health.”

The lobby of the tiny clinic has signs Scotch taped to every wall recommending that you “have only one friend or family member per patient, not show up before your scheduled appointment time, and your wait may extend up to two hours due to the procedures performed.”  Our wait has been four hours before.  The lobby is the size of a child’s bedroom, and it is wall to wall with chairs.  When we arrive this Tuesday, the chairs inside are full.  We join seven other patients standing outside, careful to keep from loitering 12 feet from the psychiatrist’s office as instructed on their door.  I search for familiar faces.  While I don’t recognize anyone this particular day, everyone here becomes friends quickly.  Continue reading Pretty in Purple