Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part II)

Great location, quirky fun, and super cute!
Great location, quirky fun, and super cute!

On our second day in Savannah, we move on to a new place to rest our heads.  The outside of the Thunderbird Inn resembles every travel postcard that I’ve seen from the 1960s. It’s known as the “hippest hotel in Savannah.”  Oldies music is softly piped in the parking lot, outside the grounds.  The lobby is the first dose of fun with its brightly colored plastic chairs.  A darling handmade sign offers free lemonade and popcorn to guests.  Continue reading Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part II)

Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part I)

As usual, I wake up before my sleeping K.  I scroll through my phone and fidget as long as I can before I can no longer take it.  I think it is possible I might die of boredom by the time he gets up so I’ll have to find something to entertain myself.  Our room is messy—a reflection of a late night, early morning and a bottle of wine.  The suitcases are on the floor, spread open like novels, clothes strewn throughout the room.  I throw open the French doors and head out in my pajamas.  My hair is standing on end, but I don’t care.  I am embracing my Mom’s philosophy that stuck when I was a fat seventeen year old, afraid to venture out to the beach in a swimsuit.  She said, “To Hell with them, Sarah.  None of these people will ever see you again.  Life’s too short.”  I grab my camera off the nightstand before wandering out, “to Hell with them.”

This will be the only hour of the day that isn’t sweltering.  I will even venture to claim that it “feels good.”  It is blissfully quiet.  Silence only echoes this way after a night of revelry.  The sky is a suggestive soft pink; it holds the promise of happiness after several of my darker weeks.  Lately, I’ve been confused and restless, but this morning on the river feels better, more meaningful.  It isn’t manufactured calm like when my bones loosen after swallowing one of my anxiety pills.  It doesn’t feel like I’m swimming underwater and everyone else is speaking to me in garbled voices.  A group runs along the river, and there is a decisive rhythm to their steps.  I lean on the rail and watch a tugboat churn down the river, slow and stubborn like a bumblebee.  Our neighbor comes out on their balcony, and her face is puffy, swollen with sleep. I imagine I look the same way, and we nod at each other. She stands closely enough that I could reach across and touch her, but instead of contrived small talk, we both are anchored, silently watching the boat until it disappears behind a building.  I run inside and wake up Kelly to tell him mercilessly what he’s missed.  “You’re wasting your day,” I admonish like an old Grandmother. Continue reading Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part I)

Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day One

Photo from our wedding day by the incredible photographer, Stephanie Parsley. Find more of her work at this link http://stephanieparsleyphotography.com/
Photo from our wedding day by the incredible photographer, Stephanie Parsley. Find more of her work at this link http://stephanieparsleyphotography.com/

I can’t believe Kelly and I celebrated our two year anniversary last week! Time does fly when you’re having fun.  While we’ve faced a lot of hard times together this year with different health issues, through those difficult moments, I think we’ve both gained an even stronger appreciation for our marriage and friendship.  There is no one I would rather have by my side throughout my life.

We both love traveling, and Kelly planned a wonderful vacation for us.  We focused our trip on several southern cities.  In Georgia, we spent the most time in Savannah, and then had a brief stopover in Helen.  We also spent an evening and a day in Charleston, South Carolina.  This was my third visit to Savannah and Kelly’s first.  Years ago, I read John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and after, I had to visit.  Even though it was my third time, I would go a fourth time in a heartbeat!  Savannah is one of my favorite cities I’ve visited, and I’m convinced it’s the most beautiful city in the south.  There is so much to do, and Kelly and I found tons of things to explore that I hadn’t seen in my two previous visits.  Of course, there were also some old favorites that I went back to see, too.  I’d also been to Charleston once before, but that time, I had strictly done the beach so I was excited to go with Kelly (his first visit) and explore more of the city.  We had both never been to Helen, Georgia, and what a treat that turned out to be!  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’d never even known there were mountains in Georgia.  I guess I should probably look at a map once in a blue moon since middle school.  I’m most ashamed because I love Georgia so much.  Every time I visit or even pass through that state, I find the people to be the most gracious I’ve met.  I think the state is beautiful, and there is so much history there.  There’s always been something that speaks to me in Georgia, and I’d gladly move or retire there someday.  Continue reading Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day One

Belated Thankful Thursday for October 22nd

Our second time to see the Avett Brothers live!
Our second time to see the Avett Brothers live!

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope everyone enjoyed their week.  Yesterday was a little hectic so I didn’t get a chance to post my usual “Thankful Thursday” update.  Kelly and I had tickets to the Avett Brothers at the Convocation Center so we were busy with that last night. 22220587670_1be8a01b69_o

The Avett Brothers are one of my favorite bands, but I think I’m one of the only people that wasn’t overly blown away with the show in Jonesboro last night.  Our seats were good, but the sound in the Convo seemed a little off or something.  Maybe it’s where we were at in relation to the speakers.  Maybe it’s that I kept comparing last night’s show to the intimate, stripped down show at Mud Island in Memphis a few years ago that was so incredible.  Plus, I felt like some of the show just seemed a little contrived.  I dunno, that’s just my opinion.  I still love the band and their music, and even a less than perfect show by them is still pretty good.

Enough about that, here’s my good things list for the week! Continue reading Belated Thankful Thursday for October 22nd

Fall Fun


This weekend Kelly, Mama, and I made a quick impromptu trip to a nearby pumpkin patch.  The drive to Piggott, Arkansas is through the most beautiful cotton fields which are all either in full bloom right now or currently being harvested.  It was the perfect fall weather, sunny with a bit of chill in the air.  None of us had ever been to Pumpkin Hollow, but it was the most darling place ever!  It was geared more toward kids, but we didn’t have any problem finding things to do there.  There were food, animals, and my two favorite people–my husband and mother, and that’s pretty much all we need for a fun time.   Continue reading Fall Fun

Thankful Thursday for September 10th

The best grapes ever!
The best grapes ever!
    • Have you guys heard about Cotton Candy Grapes? I found them at Sam’s recently, and I decided to try them. I am happy to report, they taste JUST like cotton candy.  As in, I have already scarfed down most of the container.  My husband wants to know when they will develop funnel cake flavored strawberries?  He says, “Soon, all foods will taste like other foods.  What’s stopping them now?”  It’s a little Jetsons for me, but I really hope he’s right.  It’d be that much easier to be healthy.
    • I watched Alfred Hitchcock Presents for the first time on Hulu recently (It’s on Netflix too for those that have that), and I loved it and have binge watching ever since. I wish it had every episode instead of just select episodes, but there are quite a few seasons so that’s good.
    • I tried this Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal recently, and it tastes just like pumpkin pie. I love it. I used brown sugar Splenda instead of regular brown sugar.
    • I’ve noticed recently that all the perfumes I like in my 30s smell of a bit of fire and smoke. I like scents that smell as if I went for an evening out and somehow ended up next to a campfire. Ages ago, when I used to sit around the fire on Friday nights with my favorite South African, I used to come home and rip off everything that smelled like the fire pit, and toss it into the wash.  Now, I find it a familiar, comforting scent.
    • Have any of you tried those adult coloring books? I’m going to try them out. I can see that being helpful with my anxiety.  I have seen some really great designs, too.  My favorite, are the ones with different cities.  I saw a Paris one somewhere that I’d really like.  Do you like using the colored pencils or pens better with them?
  • I picked up a random candle and TJ Maxx the other day and loved the scent. When I turned it around, it was a Manly Indulgence: Black Tuxedo candle. I don’t know what defines a “Manly Scent” (insert eyeroll), but I bought it for the house anyway.

Great Skin

I love Murad products. I’ve been trying and loving their Environmental Shield line!

If you’ll remember in a prior post, I recently bemoaned the fact that I hadn’t had a facial in years.  My last and only facial occurred ages ago as part of a birthday gift of a complete spa package.  It came following an hour of massage.  I must admit after an hour of relaxation, I was half asleep and didn’t care what anyone was doing to my face.  It was a wonderful day, but I don’t feel like I truly appreciated the full facial experience of a consultation with an esthetician.

As an unashamed Real Housewives junkie (Atlanta and Beverly Hills), I always stare in awe at the TV after they come out of their facials with the the most perfect youthful and glowing skin.  Friends, I’ve finally experienced what I refer to as Real Housewives Flawless Face®!

For the complete facial experience, I recently stopped in at my local Massage Envy.  Like my massage experience, it was incredibly relaxing and had many long term benefits.  The receptionist greeted me with hot tea again, and I got to hang out in the Tranquility Room being tranquil until it was time.  Massage Envy has this hospitality thing down to an art, and it’s my favorite place to unwind for a couple of hours on a weekend.   Continue reading Great Skin

Novel Perfumes


I used to be quite the perfume collector.  I love scents, and my tastes vary with my mood.  Some summer days, I’m feeling a marine fragrance a little more, but most days, I prefer something spicy and oriental.  I used to have a carnival glass tray on my dresser filled with different bottles.  While I have slowed my purchases over the last several years, I do still love to find a new scent that excites me.

Still have the tray, but it doesn't have quite as many bottles now.  I'm a little more selective in my purchases.
Still have the tray, but it doesn’t have quite as many bottles now. I’m a little more selective in my purchases.

Throughout my searches, I often encountered praises of L’Artisan Parfumeur, but I struggled to find a place in the United States to order samples of their fragrances.  I was thrilled to finally find Luckyscent, an online store and shop out of Los Angeles that specializes in offering the “unique, rare, and exceptional.”  Fortunately, they sell samples!  Continue reading Novel Perfumes