Weekend Wrap Up

Queenie McBear
Queenie McBear (Image Found– http://bvw1979.deviantart.com/art/Meet-Queenie-McBear-23350498)

Readers, I know Queenie McBear was supposed to be a bully in the Berenstain Bears, but I couldn’t help but admire her fashion style and sassy as hell attitude. She made an impact on me way more than Sister Bear ever did. I reread the story with Queenie hundreds of times. She had a 10 speed bike, taught everyone the latest dance moves, and had her ears pierced and wore hoop earrings.  Sister had overalls, and that just wasn’t doing it for me.

This was a great weekend!  I got to visit my Grandma Cash’s ranch for the first time in like 10 years which I’ve touched on before here and here.  I’ll talk more about that in a post later this week.  It was everything I’d remembered and even better.  I wish I wouldn’t have stayed away that long, but it seemed so much more precious and rare to me now after such a long time away.  So if I skip Saturday gab after the link, just know that’s coming soon!    Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up

Messy Life

Beautiful colors outside recently. I'm not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the bruised berry color against the green.
Beautiful colors outside recently. I’m not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the jewel bruised berry color against the green.

So after spending hundreds of bucks at Starbucks over the year, I finally discovered yesterday downstairs at the Grill on campus, they have some kind of souped-up Nespresso machine or equivalent.  I had heard friends rave about these, but I was skeptical.  Last week, I finally tried a latte for a buck something from the machine, and it was amazing!  I mean, really really amazing.  As in, I’ll be spending way less downstairs at the Grill for my coffee all year.  Although, I may still visit Starbucks for their seasonal drinks which we all know I can’t live without.  PSL, I’m ready for you! Continue reading Messy Life


Mearl had good times last weekend in her new pool at Grandma's house
Mearl had good times last weekend in her new pool at Grandma’s house

So besides my obsession with mushrooms which has no consumed most of my free time, there are are many other great things I’m feeling excited about lately.

  • We bought Mearl a swimming pool recently, and we took it out to my Mom’s house because she has a covered porch with some shade.  Mearl spent last weekend swimming and playing and having the time of her life.  Mom also bought a ton of snacks, toys, and dishes for Mearl.  The dog basically has the time of her life like any pug child going to visit her grandparents.
    Grandma Robin filling up the pool for Mearl
    Grandma Robin filling up the pool for Mearl
    Dad and Grandma showing Mearl how swimming works
    Dad and Grandma showing Mearl some Summer fun
    Thanks for all my toys, Grandma. Loved all of them!
    Thanks for all my toys, Grandma. Loved all of them!


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25 Tunes

The Rules

Once you’ve been tagged…

(1) Turn on your music player on your computer/phone.

(2) Go to SHUFFLE mode.

(3) Write down the first 25 songs that come up – song title and artist – NO editing/cheating, please.

(4) Choose 5 people to be tagged. It is generally considered to be in good taste to tag the person who tagged you. (Anyone who wants to do this, make a list for me in the comments.  I love new music recommendations!!)

01. “The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side” by the Magnetic Fields

02. “I Put a Spell on You” by Nina Simone

03. “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie

04. “The Drugs Don’t Work” by The Verve

05. “My Moon My Man” by Feist

06. “Cruisin” by Smokey Robinson

07. “Cold Cold Water” by Mirah

08. “Somebody To Love” by Valerie June

09. “Hollywood Freaks” by Beck (THIS IS HOT! and I love it very much.)  

10. “Penelope” by Pinback

11. “Boom Swagger Boom” by MCD (Taller than skyscrapers w/ this)

12. “Thunder Road” by The Boss

13. “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones

14. “The Panties” by Mos Def (This is night music.) 

15. “Well Well Well” by Le Tigre

16. “Rich” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

17. “Kiss Off” by the Violent Femmes

18. “The Move” by the Beastie Boys

19. “The Obvious Child” by Paul Simon

20. “Thirteen” by Elliott Smith

21. “U-Mass” by Pixies (MY FAV BAND FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN.)

22. “My Little Demon” by Fleetwood Mac

23. “Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Hart

24. “Flamenco Sketches” by Miles Davis

25. “Subtle Hustle” by Clutch

I tag whoever wants to play. Post in the comments (you don’t have to share the video/the list is fine). I’m ready to listen to new tunes because I pretty much refuse to listen to the radio so I never hear anything besides what is already on my Spotify.



Vulcan Haircuts

Today’s is my Mom’s birthday, and I’m so glad she’s celebrating it the same week she retires!  Her birthday is one of her favorite things, and I’m sure this entire week will be a memorable one for her.  We got her tickets to see Dolly Parton and a massage.  I can’t wait to spend an upcoming evening with her singing our hearts out to “Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That”!  Dolly’s the best and so is my Mom.

Links of the Week:

Starchild Stela's work
Starchild Stela’s work

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Feeling Good

So I’m usually behind on everything because I’m picky and because I can be kind of stubborn and fight the tastes of the masses.  Anyway, I’d heard about Hayao Miyazaki’s work for ages here in Internetland and from friends, but I just recently checked out some of his movies from the library.  I watched Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro over the weekend.  I really loved Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro was pretty cute.  I’ll have to check out his other films now, too.

So in crisis news, I discovered our indoor cats (as in don’t ever go outside) have fleas.  I’m thinking it’s from a two second escape one made one day or from the cat tree we got.  All the cats have been dosed with meds that promise to kill fleas and their eggs, but I still feel freaked the eff out as if my kids came home with head lice.  I can’t deal with little creepy shit.  I also freaked out because ants are invading around our sink.  I nuked them with some chemical smelling Clorox kitchen cleaning spray which will probably be ingested because it was near our dishes where I was spraying.  Undoubtedly, K. and I will have a third eyeballs soon, but I don’t care.  Not in my house, dudes.  I told Kelly to say a prayer all the creepy crawlies left soon, or I’d be forced to move out.

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“Songs from the Edge of the World”

Oh, weekend of plenty!  What I desperately needed before the normal routine at work resumed came just in time this weekend.  Perhaps, it goes even deeper.  Perhaps, it’s what I needed in life right at this moment.  My words won’t adequately capture it all, but I’ll make a go of it for my own records anyway.

Saturday morning, and I’m waking up to my frolicsome silver cat snuggles and my bearded love wondering if I might make him breakfast. I adore weekend mornings: thick slices of quiet near the ones I care about the most.  Here we are with messy hair, side by side at the table.  Here we are with the kitties fighting or dozing nearby, depending on their moods.  Sometimes I am screaming at the top of my lungs that they are “driving me crazy” as they hiss, fight, and run laps around the house.   Other days, I am doting on them.  I whisper as Francis dozes by my breakfast plate, “You are the most handsome cat to ever live.  You are the most darling of them all.”  He ignores me no matter whether I offer criticism or praise, and I love him for it.  I make K.’s eggs first, and then for me, a baked egg in toast and a mug of coffee.  Continue reading “Songs from the Edge of the World”

It’s the Good Life


Cheers to my wonderful December! You're never long enough for me.
Cheers to my wonderful December! You’re never long enough for me.

It’s been a while my friends, huh?  As I’ve fallen horribly behind on the Savannah posts, I decided I no longer felt like talking about that devastatingly old trip so just know that I had a wonderful time, and let’s start fresh in the new year? It makes me feel better, anyway.  I’ve got a clean slate again, and isn’t that the best?

My recent break in this corner of the internet was due to several weeks of holidaying, visiting with family, and mostly exploring the depths of laziness during my time off from work.  I feel happily refreshed and relaxed.  While I feel the time has passed to update you on Savannah, I will bring you up to speed on a few recent good times that made my December memorable.  This is only going to be a series of three posts so no worries that I will give up this time!  Then, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled ramblings.  Continue reading It’s the Good Life

Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part II)

Great location, quirky fun, and super cute!
Great location, quirky fun, and super cute!

On our second day in Savannah, we move on to a new place to rest our heads.  The outside of the Thunderbird Inn resembles every travel postcard that I’ve seen from the 1960s. It’s known as the “hippest hotel in Savannah.”  Oldies music is softly piped in the parking lot, outside the grounds.  The lobby is the first dose of fun with its brightly colored plastic chairs.  A darling handmade sign offers free lemonade and popcorn to guests.  Continue reading Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part II)