Magical Mystery Tour

My birthday is next week, and I have bombarded everyone (i.e. Dad, Mom, and Kelly) with my requests–often changing and always demanding.  Haha!  Am I spoiled?  But of course!  My latest have to have item for my birthday that I will probably end up saving up for myself over the new few weeks are one of the pairs of Dr. Martens below.  I had black Dr. Martens in my goth phase in junior high, and I wish I would’ve saved them. They’d still be good, I’m sure, but in a fit of anxiety and “your things you own end up owning you” panic, I chunked them one day.  The ones below are dreamy, though?!  I’m just struggling with which pair I want the most?  I think the top ones, but then, I change my mind.

Boots Like Art


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The Great Mushroom Hunter

I’m interrupting my posts on sexual assault (don’t worry–those are still coming) to discuss something that has overtaken my life for the last two days and potentially many more to come.  I may have missed my calling as a Mycologist.  I have Mearl-Purvis Ponder to thank for it.  I started taking our puppy on walks around the neighborhood, specifically in areas where there used to be houses but they have all been knocked down.  I kept noticing teeny little delicate mushrooms growing everywhere that I was obsessed with, and then, the more I started looking, the more mushrooms I spotted!  It’s hard to explain what makes it so exciting and fun to me, but I think it might be sort of like bird watching.  The more different kinds I find, the more I to hunt for them.  Some are beautiful.  Some are ugly.  Some are sturdy.  It’s fun to spot as many different kinds as I can. The pictures below are just from the ones I’ve found in the last two days.  Now, that I’ve explored our neighborhood, I think I’m going to get some books on it, maybe join a mushroom club (there is one in Arkansas), and who knows, next time they have a mushroom walk, maybe I’ll go.  It’s my recent obsession.

This photo doesn't do justice to how huge this is...I'll try to take another photo with a penny bit it so you can appreciate the size.  It's bigger than a dinner plate.
This photo doesn’t do justice to how huge this is…I’ll try to take another photo with a penny bit it so you can appreciate the size. It’s bigger than a dinner plate.


I think this one is the prettiest.


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