Thankful Thursday for October 1st

Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it's to someone as fierce as you are!
Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it’s to someone as fierce as you are! We had so much fun in the homecoming photo booth earlier this week.

It’s finally October, guys.  I’m so excited!  I love all things fall, and I’m too happy to kick off this *hopefully* cool and crisp month!  It’s homecoming week on campus so it’s been pretty busy but a lot of fun, of course.  Our nephew is coming to stay at our house for the weekend, and we can’t wait to take him to his first rugby came and college football game.  Kelly and I are crossing our fingers that he has the time of his life with us this weekend.  I’m always happy when we manage to keep them alive for several days (just kidding), and they don’t think we’re boring.  “You can think we’re weirdos, but just please don’t find your uncle and I boring.”  Without further ado, here’s the good things list in my life for this Thursday.   Continue reading Thankful Thursday for October 1st

A Weekend of the Arts

It's amazing how many more times you can spin around in the Tilt-a-Whirl as an adult!
It’s amazing how many more times you can spin around in the Tilt-a-Whirl as an adult!

Last Friday night, Kelly decided to take me to the fair for our date night.  We spent a fun evening dining on junk food–Taco in a Bag for me and Kettle Corn for him. For the record, Taco in a Bag is definitely a culinary art, spinning madly on the Tilt-a-Whirl, and pushing children aside at the petting zoo to be able to get a better view of a baby camel.  I joke that Kelly is “too thrifty” (really it’s great he is, or I’d blow through all our money/he saves so he can treat me to amazing trips), but I delighted him by scoring free fair tickets for us and picking up carrots dropped by kids at the petting zoo to feed the animals, instead of paying two bucks for a bag, which he proudly deemed, “resourceful”!  Continue reading A Weekend of the Arts

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple. I snuck a photo of her perfect shoes!
Pretty in Purple. I snuck a photo of her perfect shoes!

It is here at my husband’s eye surgeon’s office, that we generally meet the same people every Tuesday.  We have been coming for the last four months since he had a partially detached retina and had to have emergency surgery.  The doctor drives down once a week from Memphis, and he has a tiny clinic in a small mini mall next to a Psychiatrist’s Office.  I come to make sure Kelly asks the questions I want to know the answers to and to jot down notes so we both remember.  I come to make sure my husband is taken care of to my standards.  I may not cook for him, but I am severe when it comes to “in sickness and in health.”

The lobby of the tiny clinic has signs Scotch taped to every wall recommending that you “have only one friend or family member per patient, not show up before your scheduled appointment time, and your wait may extend up to two hours due to the procedures performed.”  Our wait has been four hours before.  The lobby is the size of a child’s bedroom, and it is wall to wall with chairs.  When we arrive this Tuesday, the chairs inside are full.  We join seven other patients standing outside, careful to keep from loitering 12 feet from the psychiatrist’s office as instructed on their door.  I search for familiar faces.  While I don’t recognize anyone this particular day, everyone here becomes friends quickly.  Continue reading Pretty in Purple

Thankful Thursday for September 3rd

The thrift gods have been smiling on me recently!
The thrift gods have been smiling on me recently!

From celebrating my birthday to opportunities to stand in the sunshine and watch rugby, this week truly couldn’t have been any better.  I’ll try my best to not write a novel this Thankful Thursday, but I make no promises!

  • Thrift Finds—I am an avid thrifter, and there is nothing like the satisfaction that comes from a great “find”. It makes up for all the times you sort through racks of clothing and bins of bags and have to leave the store defeated! This week I broke out this great, wild black and white blazer.  When I put it on, I asked Kelly, “Do I look like a rich sixty year old woman in this?”  My poor husband looked perplexed!  He responded, carefully, “Do you want to look like a rich sixty year old woman?”  My answer to that is, “Always.”  It’s one of my favorite styles.  I have beat many an old lady to fab tailored pants in a thrift store.  I’m ruthless when I walk into the Goodwill.  I also was so happy to find the framed poster below.  It has a small crack in the glass in the corner, but I’ll either have it repaired someday or live with it.

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Thankful Thursday for August 20th

Steamed Cajun Tilapia, Zucchini Gazpacho with a few Toasted Hemp Seeds, Spinach Salad with Roasted Radishes with a teeny bit of Miso Dressing, and Quinoa with my favorite hot sauce-Melinda’s!

In the middle of the madness of the week, let me take the time to do a Thankful Thursday! I always hope you all enjoy reading my posts, but this post is essential for me, too. It’s an attitude adjustment in my week.

  • Pretty plates—I love when my meal looks appealing on a plate (pictured above). I think a big part of enjoying healthy eating is presentation! While at times I don’t have the time for it, other days it seems to come together naturally.  I thought my dinner the other night was colorful, and it made Kelly stop and sniff around curiously when he passed.  I’d say that’s a success!
  • New friendship opportunities—At times, it can seem challenging to make new friends when you’re an adult. People have established friendships, and the day to day routine of life can make it harder to connect. I can also be a little shy and introverted, as I’ve struggled with social anxiety for years, so I’m often hesitant to reach out.  There are many times, I connect with someone online, and I think, what an interesting person!  I bet I could learn a lot from them if we met, and I would love to hear more about their life.  Fortunately, for my curious but timid heart, I have come in contact with friends online that have reached out to meet me!  I always feel so grateful and excited when this happens because it means a lot to me, and I find it to be pretty courageous.  Some of the men and women I have met and connect with most in life have come from online friendships that evolved into real world connections.  This week a new friend reached out to me, and I’m very excited to meet up soon!

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Neighborhood Date Night

There are so many things I love about The Edge, but this salad might be my favorite! Don’t get me started on their spicy crackers.

What a wonderfully slow and relaxing weekend it’s been!  This is just what I needed before the storm that is late August and early September in higher education.  It can be incredibly rewarding working at a university, but there are certain times of the year when it feels like you’re in survival mode.  One of those times would have to be from the beginning of fall semester until Labor Day.  “Just keep swimming” is my fall semester mantra.  Ha! As we approach those busier times of year, it’s important that I take those rare moments of free time to fully unwind.

On Friday night, Kelly and I had a date night.  Because we both work at the university, it’s definitely hard to connect with one another at the end of summer. His busy times start a little earlier than mine since he works in Residence Life.  During the past few weeks, he has worked longer hours and weekends, and I’m often on my own.  He was able to break away Friday night, and we took advantage of it and had a dinner date at our neighborhood coffee shop, The Edge.  I think The Edge has some of the best coffee in town, but I really love their salads.  I am all about a “big salad”, and for me, it’s hard to find a really decent one in Jonesboro.  Don’t sell me a dinky little handful of lettuce and call it a salad!  So far my favorite salad in town is The Edge’s Mediterranean with the Raspberry Vinaigrette.  They put a massive scoop of hummus on it, sprouts, and I swear there is some sort of artisanal lettuce involved. I don’t know what they do to their crop, but it’s some good lettuce.  We took our time and had a long meal and good conversation.  Then, it was back to the house to catch up on the DVR queue.  You can tell you’re both introverts when a night in with the cats is the best date night you can imagine!

Date night at The Edge

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