Campfire Rebel

I'm an old fashioned bar of soap kind of lady!
I’m an old fashioned bar of soap kind of lady!

I’ve got quite a perfume habit.  I love them, and I love to buy them.  I can be a bit of a snob, though.  Also, a bit of a weirdo.  There are certain perfumes I own that I don’t dare wear at work.  They’re the sort that I know will elicit, “What’s that smell?” from the general public.  One of my favorite scents is Campfire Rebel by Pinrose that smells like you’ve sat around a bonfire all night.  To me it’s strange and mysterious and interesting, but I wouldn’t say everyone loves it.  Fortunately, not that I’d stop wearing it, the husband likes most of my scents, too.  The only one he has ever been not so wild about is an Orange Blossom I got from an old New Orleans fragrance house.  It reminds me of summers wandering in St. Augustine, but it’s a bit soapy so I kind of get it.  Most of my strongest memories are associated with scent.   Continue reading Campfire Rebel

Monster Baby

Consumed/Used:  an entire box of Kleenex and fudgsicles, several containers of ramen noodles, 1 bottle of Robitussin (started on my 2nd), and half a box of Alka-Selzer Cold & Flu in the two days last week I was out sick.  I was still not feeling the best, but email called so it was back to work.  While I was sick, I started my period too so last week won at major suckage.  I thought I had a cold, but I’m pretty sure it’s allergies.  It’s awful.  I had them bad when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I’ve struggled with them this much.  Mearl had her spaying surgery on Wednesday afternoon, and I think she feels better than I do!

Watched:  countless hours of Gilmore Girls, The Bat, Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr, and George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.  There are some of those that I would be hard pressed to provide a plot on as I kept falling asleep.  Night of the Living Dead was the best.  The others were okay, but I don’t have to see them again.

Wanting:  besides all things Pumpkin Spice flavored (my award winning spouse brought me home Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and Pumpkin Spice Twinkies last week when I was sick), I’d like this Bill Haverchuck shirt from Etsy.  Kelly had me watch all of Freaks and Geeks once and about a year after that, I confused a memory of Bill’s childhood with Kelly’s, and they remind me of one another as kids–or what I picture Kelly like as a kid.  If I can’t get the shirt, I’d settle for the charm below because I like associating my young husband with Bill.  OR OMG, I JUST FOUND MY MONSTER BABY BROOCH!!!  YOU GUYS WHO ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HEAR THE STORY ABOUT WHEN I HAD MY MONSTER BABY WHICH IS, HANDS DOWN, THE BEST STORY I TELL, MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE AND I CAN OWN MY OWN DON KNOTTS THAT RESEMBLES THE ONE I HAD BACK IN THE DAY. I CAN EITHER GET A BROOCH OR THE SPECIMEN BELOW, BUT I MAY GET BOTH.  OMG.  TIME HAS STOPPED.  PLANETS ARE SHIFTING.  IT HAS HAPPENED.


Teratoma Brooch
Teratoma Brooch
Teratoma in Specimen Jar


Kelly suggested yesterday we run over to Memphis for a thrifting date and to go out to lunch, and since it’s been ages since we went to the city we love so much and were married in, we were off!  There’s never enough time in Memphis, but we did visit several of our favorite thrift stores (one new one) and The Four Way.  The Four Way was amazing!  I had the turkey and dressing and Kelly and the fried chicken.  I highly recommend trying it out!  I’m checking the internet for chili recipes to make today.  I’m craving a bowl even though it isn’t cold, yet.  Something spicy!

Droolworthy amazingness
Droolworthy amazingness


Weekend Wrap Up

Queenie McBear
Queenie McBear (Image Found–

Readers, I know Queenie McBear was supposed to be a bully in the Berenstain Bears, but I couldn’t help but admire her fashion style and sassy as hell attitude. She made an impact on me way more than Sister Bear ever did. I reread the story with Queenie hundreds of times. She had a 10 speed bike, taught everyone the latest dance moves, and had her ears pierced and wore hoop earrings.  Sister had overalls, and that just wasn’t doing it for me.

This was a great weekend!  I got to visit my Grandma Cash’s ranch for the first time in like 10 years which I’ve touched on before here and here.  I’ll talk more about that in a post later this week.  It was everything I’d remembered and even better.  I wish I wouldn’t have stayed away that long, but it seemed so much more precious and rare to me now after such a long time away.  So if I skip Saturday gab after the link, just know that’s coming soon!    Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up

Magical Mystery Tour

My birthday is next week, and I have bombarded everyone (i.e. Dad, Mom, and Kelly) with my requests–often changing and always demanding.  Haha!  Am I spoiled?  But of course!  My latest have to have item for my birthday that I will probably end up saving up for myself over the new few weeks are one of the pairs of Dr. Martens below.  I had black Dr. Martens in my goth phase in junior high, and I wish I would’ve saved them. They’d still be good, I’m sure, but in a fit of anxiety and “your things you own end up owning you” panic, I chunked them one day.  The ones below are dreamy, though?!  I’m just struggling with which pair I want the most?  I think the top ones, but then, I change my mind.

Boots Like Art


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Thankful Thursday for June 9th

Forgive the crappy iPhone quality photo, but look at that little belly!!
Forgive the crappy iPhone quality photo, but look at that little belly!!

So I don’t even know where to start on this post because the best thing ever happened last night.  It would be number 1 on this list of good things, and that is that we got our pug puppy, Mearl-Purvis Ponder (Mearl for short)!  She is darling, and we are in love.  She slept through the night (that is after we gave in to her whining in her crate and put her in bed with us).  K. and I are both smitten.

If you’re local and wondering if Mearl Purvis sounds familiar, you’d be right.  She’s the anchorwoman out of Memphis.  We were flipping channels watching for snow day information one time, and we somehow ended up on Memphis.  I heard the name Mearl Purvis, and I said, “That’s an interesting name,” and Kelly took to calling me that as a pet name whenever I’d get sassy (e.g. all the time).  When he asked me what we would name our new puppy, of course I said, Mearl-Purvis Ponder!  We named our last cat after the Pope so there you go.  Speaking of the cats, they’re kind of still a little freaked out/curious, but it hasn’t been quite as bad as I thought it would be so I’m hopeful we’ll all get on the same page!  We are now those people that have four pets.  Feel free to judge us.

Dimitri (Tuxedo Cat) and Francis (Russian Blue) enjoying a last moment of peace before Mearl arrived.
Dimitri (Tuxedo Cat) and Francis (Russian Blue) enjoying a last moment of peace before Mearl arrived.

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Keep It 100

27167077930_837cba4e6e_o-2So I thought it was a good idea to kickstart my writing inspiration by posting old ramblings of mine here and just share, but you may have noticed, those have been deleted for several reasons.

First, I put two or three out here, but it just felt wrong.  It was strange to reread them because I’m not that person anymore.  If you think Timehop is bad for occasionally reminding you of who you used to be, you should try reading through old journals you scribbled in when you were young and often on drugs.

I used to be way more open on the internet (I know, some of you are thinking, “How is that even possible?”  But I was.).  It was from the safety of a Livejournal account that could be locked so only those people I wanted to read it had access to it, and I trusted them.  Now, this is out there for everyone, and sorry guys, but I don’t know or even trust all of you who read this.  I’ve been an open book my entire life.  That’s me, and I will never lie about who I was or pretend I didn’t make poor choices in life, but honestly, it also makes me uncomfortable to confront that person now.  Generally, I’m not a nostalgic person.  I prefer to leave the past firmly in the past.  I don’t have “good ol’ days.”  My life has only improved with age.

Second, many of the old entries involve old relationships, if you could call some of them that (*ahem*).  There aren’t any names mentioned, just vague references no one could probably figure out.  It feels weird, though.  While K. would never say anything to me, and he knows it’s all old shit/art, it feels disrespectful to him.  I wouldn’t want to read about my husband’s past dalliances, and I wouldn’t want the rest of the internet to have those out there for their perusal either.  I just always want to be sure to make a clear decision to put him first. I could write about him and go on and on, and I do in some form, but it’s not as intimate/it’s heavy on funny.  That’s because I respect him more than anyone.  While I am a cracked spine open book/ tell-all put it out there individual, I like to retain his privacy because that’s not necessarily who he is.

So I reflected, and I found it wasn’t right.  I enjoy writing, and I think I collected plenty of good stuff back then, but I just need to push myself more in the here and now.  I am happier than I have ever been…sometimes that happy doesn’t want to take the time to jot down every single fiber of how right life is; it just wants to live it, and that’s okay, too.  So there won’t be old stuff anymore, and we’ll see about the new stuff.  Writing has always been my medium of choice, and I’ll just have to figure out what role that plays here now.  You’ll definitely still see posts here with randomness, and I’ll try to sort out if I’m up to journaling new stuff here.

Weekend Roundup

It’s Tuesday again, and I’m lamenting over how quickly the weekends fly by.  We haven’t been up to much lately, and it’s been nice.  Last Saturday, Kelly and I ran over to the nearby town of Paragould to check out a few flea markets.  We didn’t have much success, but it was the perfect opportunity for him to stop off at a hole in the wall restaurant that he likes, Hamburger Station.   He got his usual, ‘The Humburger” which is basically a huge burger piled with massive amounts of grilled onions.  It smelled like White Castle the entire ride back in the car, but it’s a once in a blue moon treat so I didn’t grumble too much.

Hamburger Station. Kelly loves a great dive.
Hamburger Station. Kelly loves a great dive.
I'm not sure why this knock off Hamburglar was out front, but I forced K. to take a photo by it.
I’m not sure why this Hamburglar was out front, but I forced K. to take a photo by it.

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A Few Things

Hey, dudes.  I have some upcoming posts about a recent weekend getaway to Oxford, Mississippi I’ve been working on, but until those are ready (because I’m the procrastinating sort), here’s an update of me just rambling!  There are a lot of recent new things I’m digging.  One of my student employees has fostered to many time sucking addictions in my life.  I owe her for at least two of the items on my list below.

  • 60 Days In–So this is one of those “why did I let my student convince me to get hooked on this show”?  Kelly and I have breezed through all the episodes on the A&E app on our Apple TV, and now, we are watching it every Thursday.  You can watch the episodes online here.  It’s about a corrupt jail that comes up with this program that places seven civilians undercover in the jail to help determine how inmates are smuggling drugs in, etc.  It didn’t sound like my bag, but the way my student kept talking about it, I caved and it’s as good as she promised. I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s episode.  Want to make this show even better?  Watch the episode while scrolling through twitter #60DaysIn as people live tweet it.  You will laugh so hard.
  • Miitomo–This is the other addiction the student started me on which is an app on my iPhone wherein you get to make a cute character and answer questions about yourself and learn things about your friends.  You can dress them in different clothes, and the highlight of my week was when I bought little Cash Money (my Mii character) a cat suit.  Dream come true!  Yes, I’m an adult that still plays video games, but when you don’t have kids,  you get to do that sort of thing. Children are entirely overrated.  All the moneys and all the time=all mine!

    My Mii characterin a cat suit
    My Mii characterin a cat suit
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    Fever Dream

    It is Tuesday evening, and I’m angry again.  Internet world, I am Susie Green.  I’m not joking. I’m biting off the end of a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread that a friend made me like an ice cream, the whole loaf in my hand. It’s vastly improving my mood, so there.  I’ve taken to telling everyone to “suck an egg” like we did in the schoolyard in the 80s.  It feels strangely rebellious, pulling back this insult from youth. It feels as powerful and defiant as when I would go in my closet when I was mad at my parents in 3rd or 4th grade and whisper curse words.   Continue reading Fever Dream