Pokemon Attacks

Precious little old lady puppy face
Precious little old lady puppy face

Did you guys watch the Democratic National Convention last night?  Can everyone agree that Michelle Obama is the best first lady of all time?  Well, she’s in my top five, anyway!  Her speech was phenomenal, and I love Bernie but I kinda wished they would’ve wrapped with her.  He is true class, though, and I really hope his supporters are on board now with Hillary.  I truly believe, as he said, there is entirely too much at stake to play around this election with a third party candidate.  I’ve been so tired the last few weeks because I stayed up to watch the Republican National Convention (bitter and scary Snoozeville that it was), and now the DNC.  I also have been watching Colbert’s coverage of both which is superb, as usual.  Looking forward to seeing Bill speak tonight.

In discussions that are much safer to have these days, lest you find out your dear friend is a Trump supporter, let’s talk baked goods.  I have a local friend that started a baking business.  I’ve followed her online for some time, drooling watching her post photos over at Roll With It Baking.  After fighting the incessant  sweet tooth urge, I decided to live a little and bought some of her Lemon Blueberry cupcakes.  So I like citrus, but I’m not usually crazy about it.  I couldn’t resist, though.  These cupcakes looked so dainty and gorgeous with their soft pastel yellow.  Yes, the appearance got me.  This is not the first time this has happened, and it won’t be the last.  I love French pastries as much for their incredible taste as for how pretty they look on my plate before I eat them in one bite in an unladylike fashion.  I was so happy that I made the decision to finally sample her treats.  They were truly amazing.  They tasted like summer.  The lemon was perfect and wasn’t too overwhelming.  As testament to how much I loved them, I ate them all before the hubs could try any.  Sorry for doing that the umpteenth time, babe.  Luckily, he prefers salty stuff and isn’t as wild about sugar as I am.  There’s only room for one sugar monster per household, I promise.

Aren't these the prettiest? The only thing better than the way they look is how great they taste!
Aren’t these the prettiest? The only thing better than the way they look is how great they taste!

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I’m Done

A teeny mushroom I saw this weekend
A teeny cute mushroom I saw this weekend

Last week, I had a wonderful Friday night getting together with a dear friend, having cocktails and watching the Olympic trials.  We laughed so hard so much that night, and it was much needed.  Later during the weekend, Kelly and I took Mearl to visit my Mom and Dad, and I finally watched Zootopia which I enjoyed.

Like everyone, I am now playing Pokémon GO.  I have only caught like three Pokémon because I’m not the outdoor type.  I just try to catch them when I’m wandering the mall or walking across campus to get coffee.  I still maintain no video game should make you leave the house.  The point of video games is to be a hermit slacker, duh.  😉

I am looking forward to participating Saturday morning the #BlackLivesMatter march in town.  Locals (allies come out and support), here is the information.  It’s important to make your voice heard. Continue reading I’m Done

July 4th Wrap Up

The Fourth was relaxing, and following our trend as of late, we didn’t really do anything.  That was just fine by me as it always is.  We had many adventures with our new “pug child”, and of course, I documented them all.  I’ll share those, and then it’ll be on to the usual links and Google searches.

Mearl is already becoming quite the foodie.  My Dad jokes that she’ll eat anything, and I think that’s pretty close to the truth.  She tried watermelon and a pupcake from our local cupcake place, Bliss, this weekend.

Summer is for sitting on the front porch
Summer is for sitting on the front porch


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Vulcan Haircuts

Today’s is my Mom’s birthday, and I’m so glad she’s celebrating it the same week she retires!  Her birthday is one of her favorite things, and I’m sure this entire week will be a memorable one for her.  We got her tickets to see Dolly Parton and a massage.  I can’t wait to spend an upcoming evening with her singing our hearts out to “Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That”!  Dolly’s the best and so is my Mom.

Links of the Week:

Starchild Stela's work
Starchild Stela’s work

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Gold Lamé

Photo credit--from Vogue article, click link below.
Photo credit–from Vogue article, click link below.
  • The Unapologetic Introvert:  I Had to Leave the U.S. to Stop Pretending to Be an Extrovert–“The Swiss valued quiet—it was reflected in the country’s hiking obsession—over 60,000 kilometers of trails crisscrossed the tiny country and if you weren’t enjoying their solitude every Sunday, you were culturally amiss. Reserved and contemplative, the Swiss didn’t even smile at each other when passing by on the street—which, thanks to my initial fake extroversion, I had to learn the hard way. Loud enthusiasm had no place in Switzerland—unless you happened to be a church bell.”  I have experienced so much of what’s mentioned in this article in the workplace.  The ping pong playing had me chuckling and nodding my head emphatically.

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Cat Scratch Fever

Today is my last day off work, and I plan on doing one of my favorite things which is pajamas all day.  To do this, you stay in pajamas until early afternoon, and then, you shower.  Now, comes the best part that I always tell Kelly is one of my favorite things in life. It’s radical.  It’s revolutionary, and I highly recommend it.  You put on a NEW CLEAN PAIR OF PAJAMAS!  I can mostly only do this during Christmas break, and occasionally on a Sunday.  In honor of my last vacation day, you can bet it’s pajamas all day.  Side note, how do you say pajamas?  I’m from St. Louis originally so I can go a bit nasal and say pa-jam-uhs (jam, like you put on biscuits).  Kelly says it like some wealthy golfer, puh-jom-uhs (Jamaican accent on jom).  Clearly, I am right.

Links of the Week:

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Superbugs and Bees

So I found a huge batch of these old photos I'd saved of interest to me in a random folder on my computer. I'll be sharing them once in a while here, but I would LOVE to be able to give credit. On most of them, I have no recollection of where they came from since it's been so long, but if you know, please let me know!
So I found a huge batch of these old photos I’d saved of interest to me in a random folder on my computer. I’ll be sharing them once in a while here, but I would LOVE to be able to give credit. On most of them, I have no recollection of where they came from since it’s been so long, but if you know, please update me!

So I don’t have many links for the week.  I may change these posts to be every two weeks, but I’ll see how it goes.

Links of the Week:

  • Bees Chase Car for 2 Days to Rescue Queen–So a little back history about me, I am fascinated by bees.  When I was younger and immature, I may have dated this dude that I was only partially interested in longer than I should have because his parents were beekeepers, and I didn’t know how to end it ( Don’t judge me! I was young and stupid!  ).  I needed to know all I could about bees, and he did bring me a little bear of honey on our first date so that kind of won me over, too. I realize I look like an ass in this story, but again, I was young and making poor choices.  I am always interested in anything bee related.  A friend and I recently discussed how often in the world, some people don’t think that faith and science can go hand and hand.  I find the opposite to be true.  For me, science has only reinforced and increased my faith.  The intricacies of things like beehives or bird migration routes or whatever, always point to a Creator to me.  It’s too complicated.  There’s too much there for me.  To sum it up, bees are awesome.
  • “Pied Piper of Glamorous Oldsters” Ari Seth Cohen Debuts a New Set of Stylish Seniors–My Grandma has the best style of anyone I know.  She wears amazing hats, and she takes risks and has fun which is the point of fashion.  There are many other seniors just like her.  I loved the first book of Ari’s, and I’m excited for his second.  Many of these women are my style gurus.  Age shouldn’t stop you from being daring.  If anything, I go out on a limb more as I get older.  I know myself better with each passing year, and I care less about what other people think.
  • A Dreaded Superbug Found for the First Time in a U.S. Woman –I don’t watch stuff like this on television usually.  I try to avoid it because I’ll start coughing next week and convince myself that I have a superbug. I’ve watched news stories about the potential of this for years, and now, here we go.  Scary stuff, but I guess you have to move on with your life (note: that bit of advice is for me).

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So I’m starting a new sort of post over here for Tuesdays.  Tuesday will now be a place on the blog to share links with you that I’ve found interesting over the week.  I’ve stolen this idea from a ton of blogs I frequent, but I always enjoy seeing what other people are looking into in Internetland.  These links aren’t necessarily recent, just stuff that interests me.

I’m slightly modifying it by adding something else, too.  So I came up with this idea, and it may be boring to some, but to share with you my Google searches every week.  I’ve always joked with Kelly, “If something ever happens to me, make sure my search history is cleared off my phone because it could seriously be embarrassing.”  I also vocalized around friends what I was putting in as search terms, and some people find it funny.  I hope you find it as funny as I do. If not, no worries.  I have a weird sense of humor. Really, it’s a record for me because I find it funny/interesting sometimes to open my phone and see recent searches.  I won’t elaborate on anything you see here.  I’m just presenting it for your pleasure.  I keep track by screenshotting (made that word up) every search I do on my phone so without further ado, let’s get started on the links and then the search history.

Links of the week:

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