Monster Baby

Consumed/Used:  an entire box of Kleenex and fudgsicles, several containers of ramen noodles, 1 bottle of Robitussin (started on my 2nd), and half a box of Alka-Selzer Cold & Flu in the two days last week I was out sick.  I was still not feeling the best, but email called so it was back to work.  While I was sick, I started my period too so last week won at major suckage.  I thought I had a cold, but I’m pretty sure it’s allergies.  It’s awful.  I had them bad when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I’ve struggled with them this much.  Mearl had her spaying surgery on Wednesday afternoon, and I think she feels better than I do!

Watched:  countless hours of Gilmore Girls, The Bat, Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr, and George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.  There are some of those that I would be hard pressed to provide a plot on as I kept falling asleep.  Night of the Living Dead was the best.  The others were okay, but I don’t have to see them again.

Wanting:  besides all things Pumpkin Spice flavored (my award winning spouse brought me home Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and Pumpkin Spice Twinkies last week when I was sick), I’d like this Bill Haverchuck shirt from Etsy.  Kelly had me watch all of Freaks and Geeks once and about a year after that, I confused a memory of Bill’s childhood with Kelly’s, and they remind me of one another as kids–or what I picture Kelly like as a kid.  If I can’t get the shirt, I’d settle for the charm below because I like associating my young husband with Bill.  OR OMG, I JUST FOUND MY MONSTER BABY BROOCH!!!  YOU GUYS WHO ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HEAR THE STORY ABOUT WHEN I HAD MY MONSTER BABY WHICH IS, HANDS DOWN, THE BEST STORY I TELL, MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE AND I CAN OWN MY OWN DON KNOTTS THAT RESEMBLES THE ONE I HAD BACK IN THE DAY. I CAN EITHER GET A BROOCH OR THE SPECIMEN BELOW, BUT I MAY GET BOTH.  OMG.  TIME HAS STOPPED.  PLANETS ARE SHIFTING.  IT HAS HAPPENED.


Teratoma Brooch
Teratoma Brooch
Teratoma in Specimen Jar


Kelly suggested yesterday we run over to Memphis for a thrifting date and to go out to lunch, and since it’s been ages since we went to the city we love so much and were married in, we were off!  There’s never enough time in Memphis, but we did visit several of our favorite thrift stores (one new one) and The Four Way.  The Four Way was amazing!  I had the turkey and dressing and Kelly and the fried chicken.  I highly recommend trying it out!  I’m checking the internet for chili recipes to make today.  I’m craving a bowl even though it isn’t cold, yet.  Something spicy!

Droolworthy amazingness
Droolworthy amazingness


Woman Crush Wednesday: Tilda Swinton

Tilda SwintonMy Woman Crush Wednesday for today is Tilda Swinton.  Swinton is one of my favorite actresses.  She has an incredible depth of talent, and I respect the choices she makes in films.  She is also a fashion icon of mine.  I searched for photos of her to share on this post, and I truly could’ve shared every single one.  I spared you, but I think everything about her–her hair, the androgyny, and her mind is captivating.  She takes incredible risks in fashion and in film, and I’ve never seen it not work for her.  I think it kinda seems like Tilda is an alien who arrived here on Earth, gracing us all with her presence.  Boy, does she have presence. Continue reading Woman Crush Wednesday: Tilda Swinton

Gold Lamé

Photo credit--from Vogue article, click link below.
Photo credit–from Vogue article, click link below.
  • The Unapologetic Introvert:  I Had to Leave the U.S. to Stop Pretending to Be an Extrovert–“The Swiss valued quiet—it was reflected in the country’s hiking obsession—over 60,000 kilometers of trails crisscrossed the tiny country and if you weren’t enjoying their solitude every Sunday, you were culturally amiss. Reserved and contemplative, the Swiss didn’t even smile at each other when passing by on the street—which, thanks to my initial fake extroversion, I had to learn the hard way. Loud enthusiasm had no place in Switzerland—unless you happened to be a church bell.”  I have experienced so much of what’s mentioned in this article in the workplace.  The ping pong playing had me chuckling and nodding my head emphatically.

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Feeling Good

So I’m usually behind on everything because I’m picky and because I can be kind of stubborn and fight the tastes of the masses.  Anyway, I’d heard about Hayao Miyazaki’s work for ages here in Internetland and from friends, but I just recently checked out some of his movies from the library.  I watched Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro over the weekend.  I really loved Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro was pretty cute.  I’ll have to check out his other films now, too.

So in crisis news, I discovered our indoor cats (as in don’t ever go outside) have fleas.  I’m thinking it’s from a two second escape one made one day or from the cat tree we got.  All the cats have been dosed with meds that promise to kill fleas and their eggs, but I still feel freaked the eff out as if my kids came home with head lice.  I can’t deal with little creepy shit.  I also freaked out because ants are invading around our sink.  I nuked them with some chemical smelling Clorox kitchen cleaning spray which will probably be ingested because it was near our dishes where I was spraying.  Undoubtedly, K. and I will have a third eyeballs soon, but I don’t care.  Not in my house, dudes.  I told Kelly to say a prayer all the creepy crawlies left soon, or I’d be forced to move out.

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A Few Things

Hey, dudes.  I have some upcoming posts about a recent weekend getaway to Oxford, Mississippi I’ve been working on, but until those are ready (because I’m the procrastinating sort), here’s an update of me just rambling!  There are a lot of recent new things I’m digging.  One of my student employees has fostered to many time sucking addictions in my life.  I owe her for at least two of the items on my list below.

  • 60 Days In–So this is one of those “why did I let my student convince me to get hooked on this show”?  Kelly and I have breezed through all the episodes on the A&E app on our Apple TV, and now, we are watching it every Thursday.  You can watch the episodes online here.  It’s about a corrupt jail that comes up with this program that places seven civilians undercover in the jail to help determine how inmates are smuggling drugs in, etc.  It didn’t sound like my bag, but the way my student kept talking about it, I caved and it’s as good as she promised. I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s episode.  Want to make this show even better?  Watch the episode while scrolling through twitter #60DaysIn as people live tweet it.  You will laugh so hard.
  • Miitomo–This is the other addiction the student started me on which is an app on my iPhone wherein you get to make a cute character and answer questions about yourself and learn things about your friends.  You can dress them in different clothes, and the highlight of my week was when I bought little Cash Money (my Mii character) a cat suit.  Dream come true!  Yes, I’m an adult that still plays video games, but when you don’t have kids,  you get to do that sort of thing. Children are entirely overrated.  All the moneys and all the time=all mine!

    My Mii characterin a cat suit
    My Mii characterin a cat suit
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    Belated Thankful Thursday from January 7th

    Two posts in one day? It’s unheard of, folks!  Since I finished my Christmas posts, I wanted to do one of the updates that I missed the most—my Thankful Thursday posts (errrr…a day late)!  I like these most because it allows for me to ramble as I used to in my dear old lj days (Livejournal for you young ones).  This was my first week back at work, and the students aren’t back yet so I’m most thankful I’ve been able to slowly ease back into the 8 to 5 routine.  I’m missing spending every day at home with the kitties, but until I win the Powerball, I can’t be a stay at home cat mom.  Here’s what I’m thankful for this week.— Continue reading Belated Thankful Thursday from January 7th

    Thankful Thursday for October 1st

    Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it's to someone as fierce as you are!
    Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it’s to someone as fierce as you are! We had so much fun in the homecoming photo booth earlier this week.

    It’s finally October, guys.  I’m so excited!  I love all things fall, and I’m too happy to kick off this *hopefully* cool and crisp month!  It’s homecoming week on campus so it’s been pretty busy but a lot of fun, of course.  Our nephew is coming to stay at our house for the weekend, and we can’t wait to take him to his first rugby came and college football game.  Kelly and I are crossing our fingers that he has the time of his life with us this weekend.  I’m always happy when we manage to keep them alive for several days (just kidding), and they don’t think we’re boring.  “You can think we’re weirdos, but just please don’t find your uncle and I boring.”  Without further ado, here’s the good things list in my life for this Thursday.   Continue reading Thankful Thursday for October 1st

    Belated Thankful Thursday for September 17th

    The Age of Medici (image above found:
    • I am probably the only nerd in the world who got so excited to watch the series The Age of Medici on Hulu. The description Hulu gives of it is a “Renaissance painting come to life,” and that truly sums it up. I am working my way through the Criterion Collection (always), and I wrongly assumed this would bore me, and I’d end up skipping it because life’s too short (I skip all the Samurai movies which I have tried and just can’t do).  How wrong I was!  If you’re a nerd with a lot of time on your hands, check out the three part series.

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