Weekend Wrap Up

Queenie McBear
Queenie McBear (Image Found– http://bvw1979.deviantart.com/art/Meet-Queenie-McBear-23350498)

Readers, I know Queenie McBear was supposed to be a bully in the Berenstain Bears, but I couldn’t help but admire her fashion style and sassy as hell attitude. She made an impact on me way more than Sister Bear ever did. I reread the story with Queenie hundreds of times. She had a 10 speed bike, taught everyone the latest dance moves, and had her ears pierced and wore hoop earrings.  Sister had overalls, and that just wasn’t doing it for me.

This was a great weekend!  I got to visit my Grandma Cash’s ranch for the first time in like 10 years which I’ve touched on before here and here.  I’ll talk more about that in a post later this week.  It was everything I’d remembered and even better.  I wish I wouldn’t have stayed away that long, but it seemed so much more precious and rare to me now after such a long time away.  So if I skip Saturday gab after the link, just know that’s coming soon!    Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up

Friends and Family

The past weekend was a great weekend for our family.  We celebrated Mom’s upcoming retirement.  On Friday afternoon, she had a work celebration in the Humanities building, and all our family came down from St. Louis, too.  It was so nice to hear so many people say the amazing things I already knew about my Mom.  She had a great speech prepared, but the best pleasant surprise from the party was yet to come.  Several of the Deans honored her with the Robin Hicks Business Scholarship.  Our entire family were so touched and happy for Mom!  Well deserved, mind you. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve had to wait as she problem solved for them in the parking lot on the way to the car, on the phone during the middle of our conversations, and other inconvenient times were I whispered threats in the background of telling them off.  She’s finally all our’s again!  It was really a very touching and fun afternoon.

Rhicks will live on forever at A-State!  Not that I ever doubted that.
Rhicks will live on forever at A-State! Not that I ever doubted that.

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