Campfire Rebel

I'm an old fashioned bar of soap kind of lady!
I’m an old fashioned bar of soap kind of lady!

I’ve got quite a perfume habit.  I love them, and I love to buy them.  I can be a bit of a snob, though.  Also, a bit of a weirdo.  There are certain perfumes I own that I don’t dare wear at work.  They’re the sort that I know will elicit, “What’s that smell?” from the general public.  One of my favorite scents is Campfire Rebel by Pinrose that smells like you’ve sat around a bonfire all night.  To me it’s strange and mysterious and interesting, but I wouldn’t say everyone loves it.  Fortunately, not that I’d stop wearing it, the husband likes most of my scents, too.  The only one he has ever been not so wild about is an Orange Blossom I got from an old New Orleans fragrance house.  It reminds me of summers wandering in St. Augustine, but it’s a bit soapy so I kind of get it.  Most of my strongest memories are associated with scent.   Continue reading Campfire Rebel

Blue Around the Edges

The Record Room--I got the chair from the cheap Abilities Unlimited in town--you can tell the dog has been chewing on the corner.  Ugh!  The table from the pricey Abilities store.  The art was from the Goodwill in Oxford, Mississippi.  We need a large piece of art on the  wall on the left that you can't see, but we're still hunting for that.  Photos when it's finished.
The Record Room–I got the chair from the cheap Abilities Unlimited in town–you can tell the dog has been chewing on the corner. Ugh! The table from the pricey Abilities store. The art was from the Goodwill in Oxford, Mississippi. We need a large piece of art on the wall on the left that you can’t see, but we’re still hunting for that. Photos when it’s finished.

Some days/weeks/seasons I get a bit blue around the edges, and I could, and do, retreat for days.  On days like that, you need your Mama to come visit and scoop you up in her car and take you on the hunt for white lights to hang up in your bedroom because you are desperate to make it as cozy as the Autumn porn on Tumblr.  We also took Mearl-Purvis to Andy’s for a Pumpkin Pie Concrete for me and a puppy cone for her.  I haven’t got the white lights sorted out just yet, but Kelly did drag out our mini prelit foyer Christmas tree out of the garage for me.  I kept the ornaments off it, but I felt like plugging it in Tuesday night and having the cozy lights so I did.  I love the Fall/Winter holiday time of year.  Even when I’m blue, it can be fairly easily helped by curling up in soft, warm clothing and watching a movie or reading a book or snuggling with a pet.

During the debate Monday night, I tried to call Kylie Jenner.  About two minutes after Rob tweeted her phone number, it’s not my proudest moment, but I’ll admit, I dialed it.  It had already been shut off by that point and went to some standard no longer working number recording.  I was asked what I would have said if she’d answer, and I had to admit I hadn’t thought that far ahead, yet.  Poor girl, I was one of the creepies calling you on Monday night.  If you ever stumble upon this, I’m sorry.  Today, I also accidentally sent Kendall Jenner a hideous snapchat of me looking ugly intentionally.  I usually send a daily one to Kelly, but since Kendall starts with a K, I accidentally sent it to her.  I also sent her a snap text apology, but she doesn’t see my message apparently until she adds me as a friend.  Go figure, but there’s where my life is now.

Kelly and I are going to see Vintage Hitchcock at the Fowler Center on Friday night, and I’m so excited!  We were going to see it when we visited Charleston, South Carolina last year, but the show was cancelled. They are also going to live stream it on KASU on Saturday night which is so cool!  You can listen here on Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. if you’re not able to go.

Otherwise, I’m not one who cares about shoes because for me, they’re just utilitarian.  My outfit could be amazing, and I’ll be wearing the most busted up old ass shoes, but the works of art below could change my mind.  Unfortunately, I can’t even walk in heels, and I don’t care enough to learn.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to walk in these, but they are a work of art.  todiefor

Finally, since I turned 35, I feel like I’m 80, for real.  I get heartburn like every day.  I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that I think it’s the result of drinking coffee literally all day long.  I’m going to have to give up/or severely, severely cut back on my intake.  The last week has been really bad so I’m starting to look at what I’ve been eating and drinking lately which has largely been massive amounts of coffee and crap.  Ugh, I’m going to have to make a lifestyle change, just shoot me.  Booooooorrrrrrrriiinnggggggg.

Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part I)

As usual, I wake up before my sleeping K.  I scroll through my phone and fidget as long as I can before I can no longer take it.  I think it is possible I might die of boredom by the time he gets up so I’ll have to find something to entertain myself.  Our room is messy—a reflection of a late night, early morning and a bottle of wine.  The suitcases are on the floor, spread open like novels, clothes strewn throughout the room.  I throw open the French doors and head out in my pajamas.  My hair is standing on end, but I don’t care.  I am embracing my Mom’s philosophy that stuck when I was a fat seventeen year old, afraid to venture out to the beach in a swimsuit.  She said, “To Hell with them, Sarah.  None of these people will ever see you again.  Life’s too short.”  I grab my camera off the nightstand before wandering out, “to Hell with them.”

This will be the only hour of the day that isn’t sweltering.  I will even venture to claim that it “feels good.”  It is blissfully quiet.  Silence only echoes this way after a night of revelry.  The sky is a suggestive soft pink; it holds the promise of happiness after several of my darker weeks.  Lately, I’ve been confused and restless, but this morning on the river feels better, more meaningful.  It isn’t manufactured calm like when my bones loosen after swallowing one of my anxiety pills.  It doesn’t feel like I’m swimming underwater and everyone else is speaking to me in garbled voices.  A group runs along the river, and there is a decisive rhythm to their steps.  I lean on the rail and watch a tugboat churn down the river, slow and stubborn like a bumblebee.  Our neighbor comes out on their balcony, and her face is puffy, swollen with sleep. I imagine I look the same way, and we nod at each other. She stands closely enough that I could reach across and touch her, but instead of contrived small talk, we both are anchored, silently watching the boat until it disappears behind a building.  I run inside and wake up Kelly to tell him mercilessly what he’s missed.  “You’re wasting your day,” I admonish like an old Grandmother. Continue reading Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day Two (Part I)

Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day One

Photo from our wedding day by the incredible photographer, Stephanie Parsley. Find more of her work at this link
Photo from our wedding day by the incredible photographer, Stephanie Parsley. Find more of her work at this link

I can’t believe Kelly and I celebrated our two year anniversary last week! Time does fly when you’re having fun.  While we’ve faced a lot of hard times together this year with different health issues, through those difficult moments, I think we’ve both gained an even stronger appreciation for our marriage and friendship.  There is no one I would rather have by my side throughout my life.

We both love traveling, and Kelly planned a wonderful vacation for us.  We focused our trip on several southern cities.  In Georgia, we spent the most time in Savannah, and then had a brief stopover in Helen.  We also spent an evening and a day in Charleston, South Carolina.  This was my third visit to Savannah and Kelly’s first.  Years ago, I read John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and after, I had to visit.  Even though it was my third time, I would go a fourth time in a heartbeat!  Savannah is one of my favorite cities I’ve visited, and I’m convinced it’s the most beautiful city in the south.  There is so much to do, and Kelly and I found tons of things to explore that I hadn’t seen in my two previous visits.  Of course, there were also some old favorites that I went back to see, too.  I’d also been to Charleston once before, but that time, I had strictly done the beach so I was excited to go with Kelly (his first visit) and explore more of the city.  We had both never been to Helen, Georgia, and what a treat that turned out to be!  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’d never even known there were mountains in Georgia.  I guess I should probably look at a map once in a blue moon since middle school.  I’m most ashamed because I love Georgia so much.  Every time I visit or even pass through that state, I find the people to be the most gracious I’ve met.  I think the state is beautiful, and there is so much history there.  There’s always been something that speaks to me in Georgia, and I’d gladly move or retire there someday.  Continue reading Sweet Savannah: Travel Post Day One

Belated Thankful Thursday for October 29th

Little Sarah celebrating Halloween!
Little Sarah celebrating Halloween!

Happy Halloeve, guys!  So I should probably just change these entries to “Thankful Friday” instead of “Thankful Thursday” because it seems as if I can never get this posted in time.  I know you all will all understand.  Life happens.  Plus, just like last week, Kelly and I had a date night so it couldn’t be helped.  We went to the University of Memphis to see David Sedaris do a reading.  As I mentioned over on Facebook yesterday, I was first introduced to David’s work via audio book on a road trip to New Mexico.  Kelly and I listened to three of his books on the way. I’m sure they’re great to read, too, but man was he funny doing his own reading.  He is even more delightful to see in person reading his work.  We had fifth row seats which were excellent!  If you’ve got a road trip coming up, and you haven’t discovered Sedaris, get the audio books.  You can thank me later.  So besides the amazing evening we spent yesterday laughing so hard listening to him (seriously, the entire audience laughed through the entire event), here’s the other good things and thankful moments of my week. Continue reading Belated Thankful Thursday for October 29th

Fall Fun


This weekend Kelly, Mama, and I made a quick impromptu trip to a nearby pumpkin patch.  The drive to Piggott, Arkansas is through the most beautiful cotton fields which are all either in full bloom right now or currently being harvested.  It was the perfect fall weather, sunny with a bit of chill in the air.  None of us had ever been to Pumpkin Hollow, but it was the most darling place ever!  It was geared more toward kids, but we didn’t have any problem finding things to do there.  There were food, animals, and my two favorite people–my husband and mother, and that’s pretty much all we need for a fun time.   Continue reading Fall Fun

Thankful Thursday for October 1st

Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it's to someone as fierce as you are!
Ladies, make sure if you choose to get married it’s to someone as fierce as you are! We had so much fun in the homecoming photo booth earlier this week.

It’s finally October, guys.  I’m so excited!  I love all things fall, and I’m too happy to kick off this *hopefully* cool and crisp month!  It’s homecoming week on campus so it’s been pretty busy but a lot of fun, of course.  Our nephew is coming to stay at our house for the weekend, and we can’t wait to take him to his first rugby came and college football game.  Kelly and I are crossing our fingers that he has the time of his life with us this weekend.  I’m always happy when we manage to keep them alive for several days (just kidding), and they don’t think we’re boring.  “You can think we’re weirdos, but just please don’t find your uncle and I boring.”  Without further ado, here’s the good things list in my life for this Thursday.   Continue reading Thankful Thursday for October 1st

Peg Bundy Chic

This jacket is everything!
This jacket is everything!

I can’t believe I celebrated my thirty-fourth birthday yesterday.  I remember when I was a kid, when one of my relatives turned thirty, and I thought it sounded so “old”.  I also thought that everyone should have their lives completely figured out by thirty, but my view on that has definitely changed, too!

The day was perfect.  I usually wake up before my husband does, and when I walked into the kitchen that morning, he had decorated to surprise me.  It was cute, and it was pretty funny because the night before he had stayed up late.  At some point during the night I woke up, and he still wasn’t in bed.  I called out from the bedroom, “Bedtime, Kelly!”  Little did I know, he was decorating for me!

Continue reading Peg Bundy Chic

Thankful Thursday for August 20th

Steamed Cajun Tilapia, Zucchini Gazpacho with a few Toasted Hemp Seeds, Spinach Salad with Roasted Radishes with a teeny bit of Miso Dressing, and Quinoa with my favorite hot sauce-Melinda’s!

In the middle of the madness of the week, let me take the time to do a Thankful Thursday! I always hope you all enjoy reading my posts, but this post is essential for me, too. It’s an attitude adjustment in my week.

  • Pretty plates—I love when my meal looks appealing on a plate (pictured above). I think a big part of enjoying healthy eating is presentation! While at times I don’t have the time for it, other days it seems to come together naturally.  I thought my dinner the other night was colorful, and it made Kelly stop and sniff around curiously when he passed.  I’d say that’s a success!
  • New friendship opportunities—At times, it can seem challenging to make new friends when you’re an adult. People have established friendships, and the day to day routine of life can make it harder to connect. I can also be a little shy and introverted, as I’ve struggled with social anxiety for years, so I’m often hesitant to reach out.  There are many times, I connect with someone online, and I think, what an interesting person!  I bet I could learn a lot from them if we met, and I would love to hear more about their life.  Fortunately, for my curious but timid heart, I have come in contact with friends online that have reached out to meet me!  I always feel so grateful and excited when this happens because it means a lot to me, and I find it to be pretty courageous.  Some of the men and women I have met and connect with most in life have come from online friendships that evolved into real world connections.  This week a new friend reached out to me, and I’m very excited to meet up soon!

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