Woman Crush Wednesday: Isabella Rossellini

wcw1My Woman Crush Wednesday is on Isabella Rossellini.  I’ll admit, at first my crush on her was purely superficial.  First, I love her name.  I’m not having kids, but if I did, they’d have some name like Cecilia or Isabella Rossellini Ponder.  I love names dripping with sophistication and overly dramatic.  I find her to be one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen.  Since seeing her in Blue Velvet, I found her to be fascinating, mysterious, and stunning.  I have followed her over the years mostly because of an interest in her style.  Simply put, I like what she wears and how she carries herself.  She has an easy elegance.  I listened to this episode on You Must Remember This last night, and I found myself crushing on her even more! She has spent her career fighting against the notion that aging women aren’t beautiful, and that if you’re over the age of 30 in Hollywood, you should be shoved to the side.  She had been representing Lancôme for years (she was their first face), when they ended her contract due to her age.  She fought back and formed her own cosmetics company with people wearing braces, a variety of ages, and in essence, more real.  She was truly  ahead of her time, and in March of 2016,  Lancôme finally caught up and asked her back to represent their brand.  Lucky for all of us, she agreed.  I look forward to seeing her and reading her interviews in publications.  I find her brains to be even more interesting than her beauty, and I’m glad to have someone that insists you can still be elegant, sexy, and stunning in her 60s.  wcw3

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“But I Held My Breath, I Kicked My Feet”

Sun beam magic and my kitty friend nearby
Sun beam magic and my kitty friend nearby

Lately, time seems to be moving very fast, yet so slow.  How is that possible?  Days feel like an eternity of the same over and over, but then, the family met up last Tuesday evening to celebrate Dad turning sixty.  Kelly will be forty very soon.  I am explaining all this to him, and I am indignant, “It’s going by too fast!”  He has almost been on the Earth for forty years, and then one day it will be my turn.  Eek! Slow down, life.  Slow down.  I want to shake the younger ones and “dress them down” as K. says. I’ll tell them the mistakes not to make, but then, I want to dream.  There’s still time for me, too. Continue reading “But I Held My Breath, I Kicked My Feet”