2016 Christmas List

Mom and Dad still ask for a Christmas list from Kelly and I (see, folks.  It pays not to have kids, you never have to grow up!), and they gave us a deadline to submit eight items  so I sent mine in today.  See below.  What’s on your Christmas list this year?

  1.  deadladies

Read this book this year, and I loved it.  I’m more selective about what books I ask for now since we have roughly four full bookshelves in our house, but this was one I’d love to reread again and again.

2. perfume

I read this book years ago, and it’s one of my favorites.  I owned it, but I some how lost it along the way so I’m trying to get another copy.

3. againstnature

I haven’t read this yet, but it’s been on my to read list for years.  I love books about hedonism and decadence taken to an over the top lavish extreme.  It’s kinda how I live.

4. spicebomb

My beautiful friend Nikki recently wore this, and I immediately had to know what she was wearing.  This is a men’s cologne, but I think it’s very unisex.  I never guessed she was wearing cologne.  It smells sexy, and now, I have to have my own bottle!

5. lordofmisrule

I love Lush products, and I haven’t tried this  yet, but I love spicy scents so I’m pretty sure I’ll love it.  They haven’t disappointed me, yet!


I seriously thought this has been discontinued and was so glad to find out otherwise!  I wore this for years in college.  It will always be one of my favorites.  It’s sexy and heavy on the vanilla which is one of my favorite scents in perfume.

7. Some kind of steam clean mop

8. buckets

Practical which I’m not usually into, but I want it.

Campfire Rebel

I'm an old fashioned bar of soap kind of lady!
I’m an old fashioned bar of soap kind of lady!

I’ve got quite a perfume habit.  I love them, and I love to buy them.  I can be a bit of a snob, though.  Also, a bit of a weirdo.  There are certain perfumes I own that I don’t dare wear at work.  They’re the sort that I know will elicit, “What’s that smell?” from the general public.  One of my favorite scents is Campfire Rebel by Pinrose that smells like you’ve sat around a bonfire all night.  To me it’s strange and mysterious and interesting, but I wouldn’t say everyone loves it.  Fortunately, not that I’d stop wearing it, the husband likes most of my scents, too.  The only one he has ever been not so wild about is an Orange Blossom I got from an old New Orleans fragrance house.  It reminds me of summers wandering in St. Augustine, but it’s a bit soapy so I kind of get it.  Most of my strongest memories are associated with scent.   Continue reading Campfire Rebel

Blue Around the Edges

The Record Room--I got the chair from the cheap Abilities Unlimited in town--you can tell the dog has been chewing on the corner.  Ugh!  The table from the pricey Abilities store.  The art was from the Goodwill in Oxford, Mississippi.  We need a large piece of art on the  wall on the left that you can't see, but we're still hunting for that.  Photos when it's finished.
The Record Room–I got the chair from the cheap Abilities Unlimited in town–you can tell the dog has been chewing on the corner. Ugh! The table from the pricey Abilities store. The art was from the Goodwill in Oxford, Mississippi. We need a large piece of art on the wall on the left that you can’t see, but we’re still hunting for that. Photos when it’s finished.

Some days/weeks/seasons I get a bit blue around the edges, and I could, and do, retreat for days.  On days like that, you need your Mama to come visit and scoop you up in her car and take you on the hunt for white lights to hang up in your bedroom because you are desperate to make it as cozy as the Autumn porn on Tumblr.  We also took Mearl-Purvis to Andy’s for a Pumpkin Pie Concrete for me and a puppy cone for her.  I haven’t got the white lights sorted out just yet, but Kelly did drag out our mini prelit foyer Christmas tree out of the garage for me.  I kept the ornaments off it, but I felt like plugging it in Tuesday night and having the cozy lights so I did.  I love the Fall/Winter holiday time of year.  Even when I’m blue, it can be fairly easily helped by curling up in soft, warm clothing and watching a movie or reading a book or snuggling with a pet.

During the debate Monday night, I tried to call Kylie Jenner.  About two minutes after Rob tweeted her phone number, it’s not my proudest moment, but I’ll admit, I dialed it.  It had already been shut off by that point and went to some standard no longer working number recording.  I was asked what I would have said if she’d answer, and I had to admit I hadn’t thought that far ahead, yet.  Poor girl, I was one of the creepies calling you on Monday night.  If you ever stumble upon this, I’m sorry.  Today, I also accidentally sent Kendall Jenner a hideous snapchat of me looking ugly intentionally.  I usually send a daily one to Kelly, but since Kendall starts with a K, I accidentally sent it to her.  I also sent her a snap text apology, but she doesn’t see my message apparently until she adds me as a friend.  Go figure, but there’s where my life is now.

Kelly and I are going to see Vintage Hitchcock at the Fowler Center on Friday night, and I’m so excited!  We were going to see it when we visited Charleston, South Carolina last year, but the show was cancelled. They are also going to live stream it on KASU on Saturday night which is so cool!  You can listen here on Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. if you’re not able to go.

Otherwise, I’m not one who cares about shoes because for me, they’re just utilitarian.  My outfit could be amazing, and I’ll be wearing the most busted up old ass shoes, but the works of art below could change my mind.  Unfortunately, I can’t even walk in heels, and I don’t care enough to learn.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to walk in these, but they are a work of art.  todiefor

Finally, since I turned 35, I feel like I’m 80, for real.  I get heartburn like every day.  I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that I think it’s the result of drinking coffee literally all day long.  I’m going to have to give up/or severely, severely cut back on my intake.  The last week has been really bad so I’m starting to look at what I’ve been eating and drinking lately which has largely been massive amounts of coffee and crap.  Ugh, I’m going to have to make a lifestyle change, just shoot me.  Booooooorrrrrrrriiinnggggggg.

Monster Baby

Consumed/Used:  an entire box of Kleenex and fudgsicles, several containers of ramen noodles, 1 bottle of Robitussin (started on my 2nd), and half a box of Alka-Selzer Cold & Flu in the two days last week I was out sick.  I was still not feeling the best, but email called so it was back to work.  While I was sick, I started my period too so last week won at major suckage.  I thought I had a cold, but I’m pretty sure it’s allergies.  It’s awful.  I had them bad when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I’ve struggled with them this much.  Mearl had her spaying surgery on Wednesday afternoon, and I think she feels better than I do!

Watched:  countless hours of Gilmore Girls, The Bat, Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr, and George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.  There are some of those that I would be hard pressed to provide a plot on as I kept falling asleep.  Night of the Living Dead was the best.  The others were okay, but I don’t have to see them again.

Wanting:  besides all things Pumpkin Spice flavored (my award winning spouse brought me home Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and Pumpkin Spice Twinkies last week when I was sick), I’d like this Bill Haverchuck shirt from Etsy.  Kelly had me watch all of Freaks and Geeks once and about a year after that, I confused a memory of Bill’s childhood with Kelly’s, and they remind me of one another as kids–or what I picture Kelly like as a kid.  If I can’t get the shirt, I’d settle for the charm below because I like associating my young husband with Bill.  OR OMG, I JUST FOUND MY MONSTER BABY BROOCH!!!  YOU GUYS WHO ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HEAR THE STORY ABOUT WHEN I HAD MY MONSTER BABY WHICH IS, HANDS DOWN, THE BEST STORY I TELL, MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE AND I CAN OWN MY OWN DON KNOTTS THAT RESEMBLES THE ONE I HAD BACK IN THE DAY. I CAN EITHER GET A BROOCH OR THE SPECIMEN BELOW, BUT I MAY GET BOTH.  OMG.  TIME HAS STOPPED.  PLANETS ARE SHIFTING.  IT HAS HAPPENED.


Teratoma Brooch
Teratoma Brooch
Teratoma in Specimen Jar


Kelly suggested yesterday we run over to Memphis for a thrifting date and to go out to lunch, and since it’s been ages since we went to the city we love so much and were married in, we were off!  There’s never enough time in Memphis, but we did visit several of our favorite thrift stores (one new one) and The Four Way.  The Four Way was amazing!  I had the turkey and dressing and Kelly and the fried chicken.  I highly recommend trying it out!  I’m checking the internet for chili recipes to make today.  I’m craving a bowl even though it isn’t cold, yet.  Something spicy!

Droolworthy amazingness
Droolworthy amazingness


Weekend Wrap Up

Queenie McBear
Queenie McBear (Image Found– http://bvw1979.deviantart.com/art/Meet-Queenie-McBear-23350498)

Readers, I know Queenie McBear was supposed to be a bully in the Berenstain Bears, but I couldn’t help but admire her fashion style and sassy as hell attitude. She made an impact on me way more than Sister Bear ever did. I reread the story with Queenie hundreds of times. She had a 10 speed bike, taught everyone the latest dance moves, and had her ears pierced and wore hoop earrings.  Sister had overalls, and that just wasn’t doing it for me.

This was a great weekend!  I got to visit my Grandma Cash’s ranch for the first time in like 10 years which I’ve touched on before here and here.  I’ll talk more about that in a post later this week.  It was everything I’d remembered and even better.  I wish I wouldn’t have stayed away that long, but it seemed so much more precious and rare to me now after such a long time away.  So if I skip Saturday gab after the link, just know that’s coming soon!    Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up

Links of the Week Brought to You By SHRUNKEN HEAD APPLE SCULPTURE


Random photo from the past I forgot where I found.  I believe Ebay, but let me know if you are the person on the internet I stole this from.
Random photo from the past I forgot where I found. I believe Ebay, but let me know if you are the person on the internet I stole this from.

I got nothing yet, guys.

Links of the Week:

    • Oh, Gilbert!  ‘Anne of Green Gables’ is Coming to Netflix-I am so excited about this news!  I grew up with Anne.  I adored her, and I still do.  I still have the complete set of the Anne novels, and of course, I watched Avonlea  on the Disney Channel religiously.  My dear friend Paige and I always played “olden days” which revolved around pretending to churn butter in her Mom’s backyard shed or getting dirty in the creek that ran behind my house where we had “let the oxen rest” for the afternoon.  I am so glad we grew up on the cusp before the Internet took over.  Now, I see girls posing in photos with hands on hips like full grown women, and it makes me sad how conscious they are of their bodies and how they’re perceived.  Back then, I was a fat kid with thick,  huge crimped hair and a Looney Tunes shirt, and all I cared about was mixing up random food concoctions in the summer in the kitchen while no one was at home with my best friend.  “These animal crackers dipped in Hershey’s syrup are divine, wouldn’t you say?”
    • The 11 International Markets in Memphis You Need to Try-I love a good international grocery.  Show me to the candy aisle, immediately.  Candies from other countries are the best.  America, you may be great at a lot, but chocolate ain’t it.  I’ve been to some of these, but I need to make my way through the entire list.
    • BCIT Installs New Sleep Pods in Library  -Back in my college days, there were couches all through the library, and  you could often find people (including me) passed out, sleeping and drooling between classes.  They eventually took away a lot of the couches because, I believe, they thought it wasn’t aesthetically appealing to have someone hungover, snoozing like they were homeless with couch imprints in public all day. These sleep pods would solve that wouldn’t they?  It’s a fact, college students will straight up sleep on the floor on a book bag if need be, so you might as well invest in these cool contraptions.
    • Girl Talk:  Why Is It So Hard to Go Without Makeup?-So I’ve discussed this here before, and I’ve spent a good chunk of the past year sans makeup.  I did it because I simply felt like having more time to myself like dudes do in the morning to do whatever I wanted.  I felt less like being imprisoned in my bathroom every morning for an extra 30 minutes.  I did it because at 34, I took a long hard look at the expectations from men and women, and I decided I didn’t want to subscribe to the b.s. anymore.  Recently, I’ve been wearing my contacts (not glasses) and doing my makeup again, and you’d think I was a totally different person judging from the reaction.  I get it, I look better with makeup and with just so outfits and my earrings in, but then again, I am glad I went barefaced for a year.  I am glad what people’s perception is doesn’t bother me as much anymore.  I am glad for Feminism, and I am glad I do shit for myself when I feel like it now.  Going makeup free is liberating.  I loved this quote from this article, “That’s when a realization hit me. Blow number one: I don’t feel like I can be an attractive, sexy lady, without makeup. Blow number two? That I actually wanted these guys to find me hot.  This got me thinking. I started considering what it means to be sexy as a woman in our culture. How it’s often this one specific image—young, thin, and well-dressed with long hair and an air of sexual availability. (But not too available, of course—let’s keep girls confused!) And what it means to be a successful woman in our culture, which also comes with a specific image—a little bit older, though still thin and well-dressed, with long hair and an air of sexual availability. Are the two mental images that different?”  There is a lot of wow stuff that is right on as I read through this.  IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE BEAUTIFUL, ladies.
    • Nothing Says Death is Precious Like a Miniature Fairy Graveyard-Too bad this is 60 bucks.  I may have to go to Hobby Lobby and make one much cheaper.  There is a space in a tree in my neighborhood that I kind of want to work in, but it makes me a little nervous because it looks spidery webby inside it.  Also, I’m afraid a rabid squirrel may eat my hand off when I put it in there.

Magical Mystery Tour

My birthday is next week, and I have bombarded everyone (i.e. Dad, Mom, and Kelly) with my requests–often changing and always demanding.  Haha!  Am I spoiled?  But of course!  My latest have to have item for my birthday that I will probably end up saving up for myself over the new few weeks are one of the pairs of Dr. Martens below.  I had black Dr. Martens in my goth phase in junior high, and I wish I would’ve saved them. They’d still be good, I’m sure, but in a fit of anxiety and “your things you own end up owning you” panic, I chunked them one day.  The ones below are dreamy, though?!  I’m just struggling with which pair I want the most?  I think the top ones, but then, I change my mind.

Boots Like Art


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Isabella Rossellini

wcw1My Woman Crush Wednesday is on Isabella Rossellini.  I’ll admit, at first my crush on her was purely superficial.  First, I love her name.  I’m not having kids, but if I did, they’d have some name like Cecilia or Isabella Rossellini Ponder.  I love names dripping with sophistication and overly dramatic.  I find her to be one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen.  Since seeing her in Blue Velvet, I found her to be fascinating, mysterious, and stunning.  I have followed her over the years mostly because of an interest in her style.  Simply put, I like what she wears and how she carries herself.  She has an easy elegance.  I listened to this episode on You Must Remember This last night, and I found myself crushing on her even more! She has spent her career fighting against the notion that aging women aren’t beautiful, and that if you’re over the age of 30 in Hollywood, you should be shoved to the side.  She had been representing Lancôme for years (she was their first face), when they ended her contract due to her age.  She fought back and formed her own cosmetics company with people wearing braces, a variety of ages, and in essence, more real.  She was truly  ahead of her time, and in March of 2016,  Lancôme finally caught up and asked her back to represent their brand.  Lucky for all of us, she agreed.  I look forward to seeing her and reading her interviews in publications.  I find her brains to be even more interesting than her beauty, and I’m glad to have someone that insists you can still be elegant, sexy, and stunning in her 60s.  wcw3

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Messy Life

Beautiful colors outside recently. I'm not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the bruised berry color against the green.
Beautiful colors outside recently. I’m not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the jewel bruised berry color against the green.

So after spending hundreds of bucks at Starbucks over the year, I finally discovered yesterday downstairs at the Grill on campus, they have some kind of souped-up Nespresso machine or equivalent.  I had heard friends rave about these, but I was skeptical.  Last week, I finally tried a latte for a buck something from the machine, and it was amazing!  I mean, really really amazing.  As in, I’ll be spending way less downstairs at the Grill for my coffee all year.  Although, I may still visit Starbucks for their seasonal drinks which we all know I can’t live without.  PSL, I’m ready for you! Continue reading Messy Life