About Me

Welcome to my blog!  I am a 34 year old woman living in Arkansas. I am married, and I love spending time with my supportive and encouraging husband, Kelly.  We have three cats: Nickel, Dimitri, and Francis.  Yes, we are a very proud crazy cat family!

From left: Francis-the baby, Nickel-the oldest, and Dimitri-the Tuxedo!

I am in love with growing up, and I’ve enjoyed failure as an appetizer on the way to success (which I define myself). I believe in: slow dancing in the kitchen to the Drifters, writing inscriptions in books I gives as gifts, good conversation & comfortable silence, nights like jazz, monster babies, the Civil Rights movement & its continued applicability, Banana Cream Pie, and listening to the Ramones in lieu of modern medicine. I may be found facing the world with the perfect tube of lipstick and a helluva lot of sass.

Searching for: …I found him.

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