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Random photo from the past I forgot where I found.  I believe Ebay, but let me know if you are the person on the internet I stole this from.
Random photo from the past I forgot where I found. I believe Ebay, but let me know if you are the person on the internet I stole this from.

I got nothing yet, guys.

Links of the Week:

    • Oh, Gilbert!  ‘Anne of Green Gables’ is Coming to Netflix-I am so excited about this news!  I grew up with Anne.  I adored her, and I still do.  I still have the complete set of the Anne novels, and of course, I watched Avonlea  on the Disney Channel religiously.  My dear friend Paige and I always played “olden days” which revolved around pretending to churn butter in her Mom’s backyard shed or getting dirty in the creek that ran behind my house where we had “let the oxen rest” for the afternoon.  I am so glad we grew up on the cusp before the Internet took over.  Now, I see girls posing in photos with hands on hips like full grown women, and it makes me sad how conscious they are of their bodies and how they’re perceived.  Back then, I was a fat kid with thick,  huge crimped hair and a Looney Tunes shirt, and all I cared about was mixing up random food concoctions in the summer in the kitchen while no one was at home with my best friend.  “These animal crackers dipped in Hershey’s syrup are divine, wouldn’t you say?”
    • The 11 International Markets in Memphis You Need to Try-I love a good international grocery.  Show me to the candy aisle, immediately.  Candies from other countries are the best.  America, you may be great at a lot, but chocolate ain’t it.  I’ve been to some of these, but I need to make my way through the entire list.
    • BCIT Installs New Sleep Pods in Library  -Back in my college days, there were couches all through the library, and  you could often find people (including me) passed out, sleeping and drooling between classes.  They eventually took away a lot of the couches because, I believe, they thought it wasn’t aesthetically appealing to have someone hungover, snoozing like they were homeless with couch imprints in public all day. These sleep pods would solve that wouldn’t they?  It’s a fact, college students will straight up sleep on the floor on a book bag if need be, so you might as well invest in these cool contraptions.
    • Girl Talk:  Why Is It So Hard to Go Without Makeup?-So I’ve discussed this here before, and I’ve spent a good chunk of the past year sans makeup.  I did it because I simply felt like having more time to myself like dudes do in the morning to do whatever I wanted.  I felt less like being imprisoned in my bathroom every morning for an extra 30 minutes.  I did it because at 34, I took a long hard look at the expectations from men and women, and I decided I didn’t want to subscribe to the b.s. anymore.  Recently, I’ve been wearing my contacts (not glasses) and doing my makeup again, and you’d think I was a totally different person judging from the reaction.  I get it, I look better with makeup and with just so outfits and my earrings in, but then again, I am glad I went barefaced for a year.  I am glad what people’s perception is doesn’t bother me as much anymore.  I am glad for Feminism, and I am glad I do shit for myself when I feel like it now.  Going makeup free is liberating.  I loved this quote from this article, “That’s when a realization hit me. Blow number one: I don’t feel like I can be an attractive, sexy lady, without makeup. Blow number two? That I actually wanted these guys to find me hot.  This got me thinking. I started considering what it means to be sexy as a woman in our culture. How it’s often this one specific image—young, thin, and well-dressed with long hair and an air of sexual availability. (But not too available, of course—let’s keep girls confused!) And what it means to be a successful woman in our culture, which also comes with a specific image—a little bit older, though still thin and well-dressed, with long hair and an air of sexual availability. Are the two mental images that different?”  There is a lot of wow stuff that is right on as I read through this.  IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE BEAUTIFUL, ladies.
    • Nothing Says Death is Precious Like a Miniature Fairy Graveyard-Too bad this is 60 bucks.  I may have to go to Hobby Lobby and make one much cheaper.  There is a space in a tree in my neighborhood that I kind of want to work in, but it makes me a little nervous because it looks spidery webby inside it.  Also, I’m afraid a rabid squirrel may eat my hand off when I put it in there.

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