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Beautiful colors outside recently. I'm not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the bruised berry color against the green.
Beautiful colors outside recently. I’m not sure what kind of plant or weed or whatever this is, but I loved the jewel bruised berry color against the green.

So after spending hundreds of bucks at Starbucks over the year, I finally discovered yesterday downstairs at the Grill on campus, they have some kind of souped-up Nespresso machine or equivalent.  I had heard friends rave about these, but I was skeptical.  Last week, I finally tried a latte for a buck something from the machine, and it was amazing!  I mean, really really amazing.  As in, I’ll be spending way less downstairs at the Grill for my coffee all year.  Although, I may still visit Starbucks for their seasonal drinks which we all know I can’t live without.  PSL, I’m ready for you!

In other news, it’s raining.  I like to complain about it just to have something to add to small talk conversations that bore me, but I really, love it.  Gives people something to chat about, and I don’t feel like saying, “Well, actually I really enjoy it.”  I lie a lot in situations like that.  I freely admit it.  If it’s small talk, I may be lying.  Just want to be up front about that.  The life of an introvert–it’s easier to go along with the tastes of the masses for me than to explain how I really feel.  I wish I didn’t have to go outside in it.  Still, after a long hot summer, I find rain to be cozy.

Yesterday, I got in my Kylie Jenner Leo Lipkit and tried it out. I have mixed feelings.  I love the long wear of it.  I like the products as a whole, but the Leo shade was way too dark for my liking.  I like dark lipsticks, but this one is really unforgiving.  It looked a little too harsh with my super pale skin, and as everyone on the internet said, it shows majorly if you make even the teeniest of mistakes.  I think I would like her lipkits, but definitely in a different shade for me.  I’m wondering if I can sell it to a friend who digs dark lips for like 10 or 15 bucks.  I’ve only used it twice, and I have no obvious diseases so if you’re interested in seeing it, let me know.  It does last forever which I love!  It is a little drying, but long last lipsticks always are, I find.


I’m getting different bangs on Wednesday evening, and I’m super excited about it.  I’m growing my hair out, and I was trying to grow out my bangs, too.  I’ve always loved bangs though so why am I doing that?  I kept googling for shaggy, rockstar bangs, and I found the ones below which I gave to inspire my hair stylist.  I like the first ones the best.  I kinda wanna get a little wild chunk of color in there at some point, too. We’ll see, though.  For now, I just want shaggy Cousin It bangs that make me look like a messy boy at sleep-away camp that just woke up.  I never know if my stylist would understand what I meant by that (I mean, would anyone?) so I take photos for examples, too.  Haha cutebangs cutebangs1 cutebangs2

Mama and I went to see Dolly Parton last weekend in Little Rock. She’s the best show I’ve ever been, too. She’s funny and charming and tells little anecdotes.  She plays a ton of instruments, and her voice is incredible.  She’s better live than on the cds, and I think that’s pretty rare.

I love abstract jewelry and clothing.  I love dresses and shirts that look like works of art.  I like hard angles and edges and shapes in earrings/rings/necklaces.  I was devastated when I lost my anniversary ring that Kelly bought me last year during a heavy day of shopping.  It kept snagging on sweaters I was trying on, and I left it in a dressing room on a shelf and never saw it again (pictured below).  It was designed by Christophe Poly, and I love all of his stuff.  He’s amazing.  Eventually, I’ll find a ring similar to that one to replace it, but it still makes me sad.

Christophe Poly Ring
Christophe Poly Ring

In the meantime, one of the other kinds of jewelry I am ALWAYS obsessed with, I finally found out the name for!  It’s referred to most frequently as Brutalist jewelry (I did a search for Modernist, and I found quite a bit of it, too). I’m always pouring over different photos of it on Etsy and lamenting that I can’t afford it all.  It’s severe and strange, and I love it.  It’s not pretty or sweet, but that always suits me.  I bought the brooch (pictured below) on Etsy a few years ago, and it kind of reminds me of the Brutalist jewelry. It was my first piece I was swooning over when I saw it.  I tried to fashion it into a necklace, but I haven’t been successful with that, yet.  Anyway, I was curious about Brutalist works of art, but all I could find was architecture but a friend sent me a link to this article, and it quenched my curiosity.  She also recommended searching for “Neo-Brutalism” which is helping quite a bit, too.  I like how it looks masculine, warped, and a bit angry.  It is fierce jewelry that commands attention.   It’s organic, and a lot of it looks like a bundle of sticks or something that rolled out of the ocean.  It’s movement.  Some women want diamonds and expensive pearls, but I’d prefer all the Brutalist jewelry my fingers and neck could hold.  It looks like “in your face” part of the 1980s.  I can’t stop staring at it.  I think I would love to take a metalsmithing class someday.  I would love to be able to try my hand at designing my own jewelry.  You can guarantee it wouldn’t be sweet or pretty.


One of my friends has been introducing me to all the best podcasts.  New obsessions (since Serial and Undisclosed), are Radiolab and my ultimate fave is You Must Remember This.  Oh, you have to listen to that one if you haven’t already and you dig old Hollywood!  YMRT-Clean

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  1. Hi Sarah, Regarding fashioning your brooch into a necklace an easy way I’ve done that is with plastic tubing about 1/4″ in diameter. Cut the tubing just a teeny bit shorter then the straight part of the pin on your brooch. Slide the tube over the pin. Insert a necklace chain or cord into the tube and you have a necklace. You could probably use a soda straw for the tube but that may not be thick enough to hold the brooch. You also can purchase a finding that converts brooches, it is a thin metal tube that you slip over the pin and it already has a bale on it for the chain. I’ve found these at Walmart in the past.

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