A cute fisheye lens photo of Mearl having a taste of a sucker, just because.
A cute fisheye lens photo of Mearl having a taste of a sucker, just because.

I’ve got some new obsessions in my life.  You’ve already heard about my mushroom groove, and many of my students, current and former, find it hysterical. I did Snapchat during a recent mushroom hunt, so I get it.  I’ve always been a nerd. Haha! I’m currently reading The Complete Mushroom Hunter:  An Illustrated Guide to Finding, Harvesting, and Enjoying Wild Mushrooms. Now, as noted in the book North America is a mycophobic society.  I love mushrooms, but I don’t trust myself to identify the right ones no matter how simple this book claims it is (unless they’re Morels, those look pretty distinctive).  I do like to snap photos to “collect” the fungi I find.  A friend sent me a link to this wonderful Radiolab podcast with some pretty incredible discoveries about the relationship between trees and fungi.  Kelly is being a complete dreamboat and sending me photos of all the beautiful mushrooms he’s seen on his retreat for work.  I am so jealous it isn’t me!  28260444974_d72d990169_o 28593179690_8fd7feeda9_o 28877514885_eaf76df69a_o

My next obsession involves more podcasts.  I just finished Season I of Serial, and it was so good.  I was glued to it like Making a Murderer .  I’m still not really sure if I think Adnan did it or not.  As I mentioned on Facebook, however, I definitely don’t think the State proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  A friend recommended following it up with Undisclosed so I just started the first episode of that today.  I also heard, which I’d assumed, that he got a retrial, and I was glad to hear that.  I’m interested to see how that will turn out.  I’ve not been Googling too much because I don’t want to find out anything as I listen along to the podcasts. I did Google Image photos of everyone involved in the case just because I’m nosy, and I wanted to put faces to the voices I kept hearing.

In other new I, with thousands of teen girls, logged on to Kylie Cosmetics at 2 p.m. PST.  I was trying to get her special Limited Edition Birthday Collection Leo LipKit.  After waiting in a “holding place” on the site so it didn’t crash, I happily ended up able to purchase the pretty burgundy color!  I’ve heard mixed reviews on her lip products, but I love so many of the colors.  I decided to finally bite the bullet and try them out.  Busy Phillips said she loves them on her Snapchat review so I went for it. I’ll report back.

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