Thankful Thursday for May 26th

Just so you know, when I start these blogs, I always in my head imagine addressing you all in a radio voice.  “Good afternoon, blog world.  It’s Thursday again, and you know what that means,” and so on and so on.  I always have to fight the urge to do that at work when I use the radio, too.  Instead of saying, “Does anybody copy?” I always have to fight not to start my own little radio show right then and there.  I don’t know what it is about the radio because I hate the sound of my own voice (especially on Snapchat), and I rarely have anything that interesting to say.  I think I just like how radio voices always remind of summer. This week has been great, but I think that’s because I’m eagerly anticipating a three day weekend, too.  So without further ado, here’s your top ten countdown of good things (say in radio voice.  It’s not really a top ten.  I don’t know how many it will be, I just was thinking in radio speak, again.)!

  • The local farmer’s market has reopened.  We went recently and wandered around.  They didn’t have all the veggies ready that I like just yet, but we did leave with two tomato plants.  They also had greyhounds to pet which made me happy.  Although I am elated to get a pug, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for hounds.  I love Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds, but my favorite are Afghan Hounds.  It’s just too much dog for our family, and in my experience, Italian Greyhounds are a little too skittish for our life with Fran and the other cats.
    Pretty veggie display at the farmer's market
    Pretty veggie display at the farmer’s market
    Greyhounds representing a winery. Is there anything better than dogs and wine, I ask you?
    Greyhounds representing a winery. Is there anything better than dogs and wine, I ask you?


    • I’ve been watching hours of Star Trek: The Original Series on Netflix.  Kelly has been making fun of me for being a nerd.  He says that I’m going to turn into a Trekkie.  I may or may not have had a major nerdout and purchased a Star Trek Classic Communicator ring for my phone.  My baby sister has it on her phone so she gave me the idea.  She also introduced me to the show.  I love it for the bad acting, horrible special effects, and problem solving.  The outfits are pretty great, too, and Spock is always dreamy.  I’m not nerdy enough to own the item in the video below, yet, but I do have the first few seconds of the clip as my ringtone so there you go.

  • I like how after I eat a ton of fruit snacks my hands smell like them.  That’s a little weird to vocalize (which I just did), but it’s even more weird to type.  Whatever.
  • While I’m counting the days until it’s time to pick up our new puppy, Mearl, I’m trying to focus on spending a lot of one on one time with the kitties and appreciating them.  As Kelly jokingly told someone when they asked about how they’d react, “We’ve told the cats that this will not change our love for them, but we’re not sure they really grasp what is going to happen just yet.”  Haha!
  • Speaking of animal cuteness, do yourself a favor and follow Diddy Kong and Tiny Kong on Snapchat and Instagram.  You will not be sorry.

    They eat foods. It is TO DIE FOR.
    They eat foods. It is TO DIE FOR.
  • Have you guys read The House of Leaves?  It is wild.  I’m not very far in, but I’m really loving it.  Kelly came home last night, and I had a piece of paper and was transcribing a letter in code from the back, and he asked what I was doing, and I said, “Attempting to read a book, but it’s in code.”
  • My day started wonderfully with colleagues and I reminiscing on that video game A Boy and His Blob (see below).  Do you all remember that?  Oh, what I wouldn’t do to play that now.  Kelly and I have the Flashback Atari and Sega.  I wonder if they make the Nintendo? Apparently, they have this new one, but I am skeptical because NOSTALGIA!

  • I love my new t-shirt from Feminist Apparel (for those of you that saw it on other social media, I did a rainbow filter to change it up.  *insert smirk and/or eyeroll* 26647769024_da75501645_o
  • Speaking of t-shirts if you’re a Jonesboro resident, go buy one of the ones pictured below to help out our local library. They’re super soft, and it’s for a great cause.  I love libraries so I’ll buy anything they’re selling.
I think these run a little big so you may want to size down. I ended up giving mine to Kelly, but that's okay, I'll still swipe it to sleep in.
I think these run a little big so you may want to size down. I ended up giving mine to Kelly, but that’s okay, I’ll still swipe it to sleep in.
  • I live in Jonesboro now, but before I got married, I lived in Bono.  For non-local people, it’s on the outskirts of Jonesboro, and it pretty much has nothing there.  They have one grocery store in the town, and it’s an old IGA.  Mom and I would stop in, and the owner always wore flag suspenders, and he was the type that still took personal checks and didn’t need to see an id when you wrote them.  He was the type that when it snowed and Mama and I went up there, he insisted on pushing our car through ice and snow to our car and unloading the groceries into the trunk.  He was a good man.  I was sad to hear that he had recently passed away, and that they were closing the store.  The gesture by locals below shows how much he was loved.  26173983994_11608f2781_o

I found this book of fashion illustrations at the thrift store a few weeks ago, and I’m loving it.  I’m going to scan some of my favorites to post here very soon, but in the meantime, below you’ll find the cover and one I took a photo of.  They are all made for tattoos, I think.  26643048152_5111dd3631_o26647775144_914803b521_o

  • We’ve decided not to go to Philly.  We’ll still be cheering on the rugby boys from home, but last minute plane tickets and my anxieties with cities, made us decide to just take a mini road trip back to Oxford.  I couldn’t be more excited about it! I get to visit Square Books and Ajax Diner again! I’ll make it to Philly some day, but for right now, it’s not in the cards.  When we get back in town, I’m taking an additional two days off after that to just do whatever I feel like and who doesn’t love that?

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