Weekend Roundup

It’s Tuesday again, and I’m lamenting over how quickly the weekends fly by.  We haven’t been up to much lately, and it’s been nice.  Last Saturday, Kelly and I ran over to the nearby town of Paragould to check out a few flea markets.  We didn’t have much success, but it was the perfect opportunity for him to stop off at a hole in the wall restaurant that he likes, Hamburger Station.   He got his usual, ‘The Humburger” which is basically a huge burger piled with massive amounts of grilled onions.  It smelled like White Castle the entire ride back in the car, but it’s a once in a blue moon treat so I didn’t grumble too much.

Hamburger Station. Kelly loves a great dive.
Hamburger Station. Kelly loves a great dive.
I'm not sure why this knock off Hamburglar was out front, but I forced K. to take a photo by it.
I’m not sure why this Hamburglar was out front, but I forced K. to take a photo by it.

When we got back into town, Kelly had to work most of the afternoon because it’s another of his busy times so I was going to head to the house and read and nap, but my dear friend and neighbor, Natalie, asked me to meet up with her for some coffee and lunch at our neighborhood cafe The Edge.  I love everything there, but I got my usual, the iced Oriental (espresso, chai, white chocolate steamed milk), the Mediterranean (garden salad with olive, sprouts, hummus, and feta cheese), and a special treat they had on Saturday–an Oreo bonbon.  I think the Edge is kind of pricey, but they’ve got really great food, and it’s independently owned and not some chain so I don’t feel as bad about forking over the money.

I think the Edge is so cute. It feels just like a local coffee shop should. It's cozy, artsy, and laid back.
I think the Edge is so cute. It feels just like a local coffee shop should. It’s cozy, artsy, and laid back.

We ran by the local library later that afternoon which is usually a weekly excursion for us.  They have a glass case where they display different collections, and I enjoyed the perfume bottle collection they had out this weekend.

Look at the bottle with the pink hair!
Look at the bottle with the pink hair!


reading: Shirley Jackson’s Novels and Stories (The Lottery, The Haunting of Hill House, We Have Always Lived in the Castle)  I’ve read her work here and there through junior high/high school, but I forgot most of it so it’s nice to reacquaint myself.  Her stuff is creepy and dark, and it’s a quick read.  I’m enjoying it.  She writes a lot on the day to day drone, and I think that immediately stuck out to me, and I probably appreciated it way more than as a kid in high school.  Why are kids expected to read sometimes such heavy stuff when they’re young and miss out on the deeper meaning, too?  I can understand Catcher in the Rye when you’re young, but there’s so much I’ve appreciated more as an adult.  I just think teachers should spend a lot of time thinking whether the themes are truly able to be absorbed before selecting a book.  I think often they’re just kind of forced into teaching whatever’s in the text though, and that’s a shame.

watching: I’m back on my Sister Wives obsession.  I won’t apologize for my love of some bad reality television so don’t bother trying to shame me.  I’m also regularly watching The Mindy Project and 60 Days In right now.  Oh, and I’m also loving Keeping Up Appearances which I just discovered on Netflix.

thinking about: ways to convince my husband and three cats that a new dog would be a wonderful addition to our family.  I want a pug, dachshund, or chihuahua.  I’m open to mixes, but I’d love to have a rescue dog or senior pup so I’m taking my time to find the right fit for our family.  Kelly is just afraid that the cats won’t have it so I’m going to talk to any shelter on the front end about possibly fostering with option to fully adopt just to make sure everyone gets along well. 

anticipating: our upcoming trip to Philadelphia…I’m finally going to have a chance to visit the Mutter Museum and The Barnes Foundation!  I’ll be able to see one of my favorite paintings in person.

listening to: Erykah Badu’s duet with Miles Davis which is perfect

working on:  I finally cleared out middle bedroom to make den/guestroom (with futon) this summer so I’m all kinds of excited about the possibilities there.

loving: This place Kelly booked for us to stay in Philadelphia (scroll to the bottom once you click the link to see the photos).  I feel so fortunate to have stayed in so many amazing places during our trips (#lifewithnokids)!  We’ve used Airbnb many times, and there was only one time where I wasn’t pleased and we’ve stayed in a ton of places!


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