Bring on the Zen

I find that truly taking notice of my surroundings as I hurry from one thing to the next can serve as a such a recharge!

Here’s where the honesty begins.  This personal journey started on a random Sunday. June 7th was the date, to be precise.  On that largely unremarkable day, my husband Kelly treated me to an hour massage at our local Massage Envy Spa Is it still considered treated if I begged him for two days straight?

When I arrived, I was warmly welcomed with a cup of hot green tea and answered some questions on a form about my occupation and any health issues that I had.  I skipped noting the glaringly obvious ones that arose in my head—sedentary lifestyle, sugar addiction, mental boredom and exhaustion, and what I’ll jokingly refer to as, extreme cowardice (aka generalized anxiety), and wrote, “Left shoulder pain, upper back pain, posture problem.”  Oh, the woes of a secretary or those that are cubicle bound.

The receptionist took me back to their Tranquility Room. The air temperature seemed to be perfect in this waiting room. The music is soothing.  The lights were dim, and fortunately, I was able to sprawl out on one of the cozy couches with no other company around. I thumbed through a magazine, paged through the company brochure, and scrolled through my phone.  I nervously bounced a leg.  While I’ve had a massage before and wasn’t nervous about that experience, these are my anxiety “ticks”.  I consciously forced myself to put everything away and tried to focus on deep breathing and relaxing. It wasn’t long before I found myself in a wonderful state of “zoned out”.

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